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  1. Grah71


    Just fitted a fresh bonnet anyone got any tips on getting it all lined up...
  2. Grah71

    Indicator panel

    Looking for the clips that fix the indicator panel to the wings anybody know where to source them or the part number
  3. Grah71


    Gearbox wanted for a 2002 1.4 sport 16v Old box code is ETB if that makes any difference
  4. Grah71

    Gearbox query

    Thanks so as long as its a 085 box it will fit , the difference in codes ETB -FFR is just ratios ?
  5. Grah71

    Gearbox query

    UPDATE : ....just found a replacement box with a code of FFR , What difference is this to a code of ETB ?
  6. Grah71

    Gearbox query

    Was more wondering if it has to be this box or will others fit ?
  7. Grah71

    Gearbox query

    My sons gearbox has gone , 2002 ,1.4 S 16V....Engine code is AUB ....Gearbox code in the boot states ETB , but im not sure the box ive just removed is original What gearboxes will fit ,the box ive just removed has a number stamped 085.301 107 just under one of the driveshaft coupling .Any help would be grateful .

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