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  1. Finally got around to getting a set of wheels refurbished with new toyo proxes too. Still standard apart from the KAM suspension kit but still have the original set too. I think it’s finally finished! still only 66k on the clock
  2. Panel gaps aren’t a million miles out as all the replacement panels are original. Bonnet needs adjustment ideally. I suspect the hinges are bent from the accident.
  3. Fully repaired and resprayed. just picked up a second set of original alloys for it so will hopefully be able to salvage 4 decent ones from 2 sets.
  4. Hello My lupo has developed a fault whereby the NS indicators become stuck on. I thought this was a problem with the hazard switch so I replaced it. However it has happened again. I then played around with the remote fobs locking and unlocking the car and eventually the stuck N/S indicators went off so I think the problem is with the alarm system, perhaps a stuck relay somewhere? Has anyone else experienced this, if so how did you fix it? thanks Simon
  5. Thanks Just needs a small repair to the bonnet and some paint now. Don’t want to do heavy mods but I fitted Bilstein B12 suspension kit to it, the 15mm lower ones. Got a full stainless system for it too (manifold back) other than that it’s staying as stock and will keep original parts for resale at some point.
  6. Quick update, lupo is nearly fixed. Strategically positioned camera angle here as I’m still waiting for the O/S wing to arrive from Poland. Other than that grill to fit then off to Bodyshop for a respray
  7. Thanks, apologies no YouTube video but it would have been a good shout. There was quite a bit of work involved for sure as the entire front end was damaged including chassis leg plates, front panel, re-enforcer etc etc. Nearly there though!
  8. Hi, no airbag damage. Strangely enough it would appear the sensors may have been removed at some point.
  9. Hi thanks, that’s why I bought it I guess, As it will be still around on 10 years time given it’s pre-accident condition. I don’t think it’s ever been driven hard in the last 18 years. My plans are to keep it as standard as possible and unmolested, perhaps a suspension kit and a decent exhaust kit!
  10. Hi thanks, it’s a nice example given that it’s completely original and unmolested. I managed to get a few quid off it yes but I’m sure the GTI’s will only appreciate in value over time.
  11. Ha yes you’re no wrong but I think I found some in Lithuania.. inside is Original and mint, just needs a valet. I’ll post some pictures once it’s fixed.
  12. Thanks for the advice Rich, this will be in concours condition once finished.
  13. Hi Everyone just thought I’d say hello.. I’ve picked up an accident damaged Lupo GTI today on a 52 plate. with only 1 owner from new having covered 63k miles (you might have seen it advertised on eBay) As you can see it needs various front end parts which I’ve managed to mostly source (even the headlight!) however I could do with a O/S wing if anyone has one let me know! Comes with the original documentation, service books and maunuals from new, it even has all 3 keys (1 plastic) so, once repaired it should be a nice appreciating modern classic.. Thanks for reading! simon
  14. I wouldn't be selling it in a hurry tbh. Headlights both working according to the seller but his messages don't make any sense as he's saying he sold it on Sunday for 1300 but it's still for sale now!
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