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  1. Hey guys, Nice to see you all and some really nice cars on our stand. If anyone got pics I would love to see them as we forgot our cam! Thanks to Ray for sorting it out. cheers Chris and Jeff.
  2. I believe that this is correct, the belt may last longer but the associated runners are not all that good. If anything like the Polo/Golf the tensioners are not 'normal' bearings they are nylon or some plastic and can break up with little prior warning – so deffo worth doing.
  3. Hi Jon273, Its been a while so remember to give me a nudge at vw fest. Not got the SE anymore, I picked up a 1.4 auto with all the trimmings (AC, EW, ABS, heated seats/ mirrors etc) about a year ago and later sold it to my Dad to keep it in the family. Its turned into a bit of a fun car really, just something to play with nothing to performance oriented but an easy drive. Im running a Polo TDI at the mo but I cant say I keep it show standard! Cheers
  4. Good news. Its a father/son car so my dad will be pleased! We are not camping sadly but will be there early on Sunday Pm to follow. Cheers.
  5. Hi guys, Is it to late to get on the stand? We have tickets. We didnt think the loop would be ready but it is so would be cool to get on the stand for sunday! cheers.
  6. Cheers dude! Auto is very smooth but all i can say is sloooow! I think ill post a wanted add for some wheels! thanks all.
  7. Hi Guys, I have been away for a good while now but I'm back with another LUPO! How have you all been? I managed to find a very good example with everything I wanted, what do you think of the spec? 1.4 16v S Automatic transmission Electric windows Remote locking with total closure Heated front seats AC Rear pop out windows Fog lights What else could I add to it? Also I am after some 14" sport alloys with good tyres, so if you have any let me know. Thanks!
  8. Im not sure why there is so much hate towards the mk2 rocco?! I have had 5 mk2s and all have been super cars, granted you will find ones that are rotten but this is the same for golfs and mk1 roccos which often rot worse. The mk2 is a solid car which is relatively simple and as such suits an enthusiast. I have recently finished a 16v conversion and the car is just mental from 4k on. Be different go for the rocco, it will handle really well once set up and has a, shall we say, differnt look put it this way my current rocco with worn shocks handles better than my loop did so cant wait for
  9. Totally solid cars, check the fuel filler neck for corrosion they rust like nothing else and clog the carb etc. Other than that they are totally under estimanted ,feel free to ask any questions and check out the scirocco register Currently fitting a nice set of Konis to my 16v conversion cant wait
  10. all mk 2 sciroccos have servos. The main cause of brake sloppyness is the peddle linkage to the servo/MC. Good upgrade is the one from a citi golf as its stronger. I have 256mm discs and vauxhall calipers on the front of mine and will be using 9" servo and 22mm MC when i get round to it but i have had a number of roccos that were fine with standard equipment and fresh discs and pads. Anyway what ever you do dont split a good one like that
  11. would be good to hear from this kev, if he got 100 its something we could all do easly. Anyone tried the sport ecu with this combo?
  12. Im 6'6" and dont have any problems with head room, knee room could be better but its better than most cars and on par with something like a golf.
  13. Update. Fitted the bar, Old outer bushes no problems but had to cut town the inner ones so will be trying to get some replacements for the inners. So far im not sure if its any better or not - it remains to be seen. I think that a major weakness of my car is the lack of a rear ARB. Thanks for the help guys!
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