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  1. John, don't suppose you know of a trick or method to putting them in without dismantling half the car?
  2. yes thats the part, dont want to get involved taking old one out till the new ones there ready. Can't really believe its faulty but it cant be the tb or wiring as theyre brand new
  3. Does anyone have the part number for the switch on an fbw throttle pedal? If not does anyone know if theres any other vw's/audi's that use the same switch? thanks
  4. Fitted a new bosch alternator tonight after work, has sorted the charging issues. Proper diagnosis has led to the throttle potentiometer being faulty, is got a brand new tb and wiring on it, according the vw mechanic who worked on the car for 150,000 miles its actually happened before and was replaced by a second hand part. So i'll have to take the column and pedal box out swap the switch (also check for leaks in the bulkhead; there must be a reason its only happening on wet days) have a bonus in that the pedal box has been drilled out before and is now fitted with some normal 13mm bolts which will save on the work. Ideally need to find a part number for the switch before I do the work but cant get to it without dismantling the car, might pop up the scrappy tomorrow and have a look at some other vw's to see if they use the same switch.
  5. Undertrays off because i'm always under it, possibility but the problem was occuring originally with the tray on. The batterys not going flat either but I'll not rule that out will check the output on it tomorrow and get the tray back on, then everything should be waterproof. Havent checked the lambda either, the car had water sat in the exhaust. I cant explain how much I hate limp mode now. Has anyone else experienced any water related problems? other than this the cars in a great bill of health and on dry days its cracking, Got some bits to do tomorrow will report back when I've tried them, trouble is I wont know until the next downpour whether its sorted or not. Lupopo the scuttle was sat in water and leaves etc when i bought the car, have cleaned the channels etc, The plugs on the ECU didn't look too bad but had a blast of electrical cleaner and some silicone spray to seal after refitting, I have ensured that no water can now reach the ECU with rubber matting (its all a bit ghetto but I'm getting desperate). I guess theres a possibility that the damage has already been done? but I guess theres no real test for that either... thanks all
  6. Have had a worsening problem recently that seems to occur specifically when it rains; which is obviously all the time at the moment. It started throwing the EPC light with no conclusive error codes once cleared it ran fine again, then the occasional limp mode codes related to the throttle position sensor and barometric pressure in the intake manifold although these test and work fully. On the way home thursday it unusually started fine (usually if its wet it wont start, can be forced to start but will only run in limp mode) but by half way home all the ancillary electrics packed up and I only just made it back, it literally threw every warning light and buzzer imaginable like when the alternator goes. I am really frustrated with this now its been going on too long. leave it in the dry for a day and its fine till the next heavy rain. The cars an AVY on 165k miles I need to mention this seems to be the wettest car on earth, when i picked it up the channels were blocked and everything was sat in water, I've drained the rear lights which were like fishtanks and drilled some holes in the bottoms, cleaned all the electrics. I've been round the whole car cleaning and waterproofing all the connections, got allsorts of rubber matting etc covering the ECU. Its recently had a battery, alternator, leads, plugs, oil, crank sensor and probably a few more bits I cant remember. The only thing left is the spoiler brake light which now has condensation on the inside but surely that wouldnt cause non starting? Going to try to dry and seal that light tomorrow and see what happens. Really starting to annoy me now, we have 3 lupo's and none can be driven (emma's is awaiting a new gearbox). This is a mega pain and I really need to sort it quickly, any help would be appreciated. Also to add the cars been perfect until this, full vw history regular servicing and 95% motorway miles, it drives spot on and the engine runs really smooth and doesn't drink any oil. Passed an MOT on wednesday needed 2 tyres thanks in advance
  7. 165k on original engine and box, doesn't burn oil and pulls on very well
  8. Its a great car replaced a few parts and good as new keeping it standard, need to find the alloy wheel paint code, the cars moon silver but i dont know what silver vw used on the bathursts? Edit: what are warning points? and how the hell don't I have any?
  9. 165,000 miles On original standard hydraulic clutch in a GTI, still feels/works perfect
  10. My Lupo will be coming up for sale shortly, it now has recaros, arosa tailgate and is now soundproofed out, currently sorned and no MOT but this will all be sorted beforehand. Will take photos of the soundproofing work and where the crossmembers are modified to take the recaros and get them up soon. The 3L rear bumper is still on the back but I'm in two minds about keeping that, depends on what money i get for the car. Cars done 84k and has had new clutch and replacement gearbox less than 10k ago, coilovers will be included in the sale Will sort out a proper for sale ad when the interior is all back in and its had a good clean. If theres any interest please PM me
  11. Will be taking off time around edition this year though. Last year I stayed in the tent pretty well the whole time, after working a 70 hour week plastering... Now I build houses so the pace has slowed a bit Really pissed off with Adrian Flux; I've literally just cancelled my policy with them. Spend out on a horrendous deposit, then the first months premium.... but still no paperwork, no forms, no documents, no reciepts. Hell for the last 2 months I've been worried about driving because not even I have seen anything to proove I'm insured. When I rang up to ask what was going on, I get a load of random drivel about things I didnt want to hear about. Followed by a cancellation fee of nearly the deposit... lovely persons. In short my personal opinion is that they're a half arsed attempt at an insurance company, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone... Unless you like throwing money down the drain. Rant over.
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