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  1. Got the door strap bolt and bushing put right just now. The threads on the bottom of the bolt cleaned up fine, the hole on the bottom is egged so we will see... The threads on the top of the bolt and the hole they thread in are a bit dodgy but I think they will last. I found a Toyota nut in my bits bin that fits and has a lovely big shoulder on it so that will help the egged out bit. Then I turned up a bushing from scrap brass. All together now and quiet as a mouse in the church pantry. In fact quieter than it was when we bought the car!
  2. Thanks! Yes that is exactly what I am looking at. The threads on the bolt are pretty bad and the bushing broken into little bits so I think the fix will be a bit different than his. Something cobbled up on my lathe as there are no Lupos at the wreckers to get a bolt from.
  3. No more phantom running issues! Franklin is performing well. There is however a small problem I should have investigated a while back. The driver's door limit strap has a loud snap noise. Getting worse so I pulled it apart. The bolt was loose and the bushing is past salvaging, Also it appears there should be a nut on the bottom. The threads on the bolt and in the little bracket on the door are in poor nick, not sure if I can save them. Is this a common problem?
  4. Our Lupo was imported from Japan. I am envious of you having parts available locally. We do not. I have been getting parts from Europe and am looking to get a new windscreen in the near future. Not sure how that will go. We have also been unable to get a second key for our Lupo. We were told that it would have to be ordered through the dealer the car was bought at originally. Does this make sense to you?
  5. Are they special in some way? Or is it a replacement suggestion that is easier to find?
  6. Another update. Sandra loving the way Franklin is running, got his old zip (well - as Lupos go) on the hills again but... got a call yesterday - she shut him off and no start! She had abandoned him in a farm yard and got a ride to get the Forester due to my cell phone not receiving calls through a double tinned shop wall. I went home, hooked up the truck and trailer and found Franklin. Turned on the key - nothing - no dash lights, no clock. Cold north wind, threatening snow, not fooling about here so winched him into the trailer. I opened the door to set the park brake... what the heck? Dash lights and clock so hit the key and he is alive and running! Back home and go to drive Franklin out of the trailer - dead! Has to be battery posts and clamps but no they are tight and look clean. What I did find on removing them was a thin white film on the contact area so a good cleaning and some anti seize and 6 starts later all seems well. Looks like he is at the age of chasing connection corrosion issues! First the HT leads/coil towers now this.
  7. The air cooled ones ran very well in the cold as long as the thermostat, carb heat riser and air cleaner pre heat is still in place and working. Franklin has a new coil pack and plug wires now. Running and idling like new now!
  8. Parts are in! Came directly from Germany! Franklin has been running just fine since the clean up with just a bit of a rough idle. Tomorrow the new coil and wires go in.
  9. While waiting for parts I will continue with putting a fresh engine in the sand rail. The old one was just a well used core that I used initially when I built the Buggy and it gave us 6 years of service well above and beyond what I expected from it so time for renewal. Out with the old and in with a fresh one I rebuilt last summer.
  10. Parts on the way from Autodoc. Cost more to ship than the parts are worth but that's the way it goes. The coil pack it turns out is common here and readily available but the HT leads are not so might as well get them all in the same shipment.
  11. Funny! it ran just fine on the way to the shop this morning, I put my OBDII reader on and no codes. Well I cleaned them up as best as I could with a nail, greased them up and it's running fine again but I know what I need now! The shopping starts...
  12. Might have found it. Pulled the spark plugs and they looked ok. Next was the wires into the coil pack - hoo boy! We have an issue! 3 out of 4 badly corroded and the 4th one the connecting pin broke off and came out with the wire. Looking for a coil pack now and a set of wires!
  13. The weather has warmed up a lot. We were off to the city today with Franklin and he bucked and misbehaved all the way there and back. It was only -9 in the city too so it's not the cold. Tomorrow I will lift the bonnet and start the investigations. When it was random it was hard to find but now that the problem is here to stay I should be able to find it... I hope!
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