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  1. image.thumb.png.23531f660f0e6cc237a305dcb5e027dc.pnghi all, if you havent already please join my lupo group on facebook :) already on 76 followers but a few more would be nice :') any new members please introduce yourselves and your car :) 

  2. Shannon Elizabeth

    Facebook group

    Get Facebook then. It's for everyone but based in Nottinghamshire
  3. Shannon Elizabeth

    Facebook group

    Hi all I’ve made a new lupo page on Facebook, to see how many of you are based In Nottinghamshire. Page is for you all to share progress and pics and to build a community. i am aware that there are a couple of groups already but that are paired with seat arosas as well. Still please feel free to join This group is based in Nottinghamshire but all lupo owners from anywhere are welcome to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1853968314630834
  4. Shannon Elizabeth

    Hi all :)

    Hi all I’m new to the lupo scene. This is my 1 litre mini beast ?? follow me on Instagram @lupo_life_ ?

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