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  1. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Glad to hear that! The Bilstein kit definitely made a positive difference in terms of handling ? - Thanks?, the silver one's completely original except for a Bilstein kit as well. Haha!, that's true... The only thing bugging me at the moment is the front bumper. It's got quite a lot of stone chip damage and could do with a respray... Might get that sorted over the winter ?
  2. callmerik

    My Raven Blue GTI

    Very nice! Love the color
  3. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    So it has been a while since I last updated this page... Some progress has been made over the past months: The Lupo's now fitted with a Bilstein B12 kit. On top of that, the antenna has been swapped with an original one, the break callipers have been re-painted and the car now has spacers in the rear. Here are a few pics I took today along with my brothers '01 GTI . Interior shots: Finally a couple of pics of my brothers car:
  4. callmerik

    Anthracite GTi

    Good progress! The car looks great
  5. callmerik

    Anthracite GTi

    Looking good as always!
  6. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thank you! Yeah, those are the pros of owning a German spec GTI ... Therefore you guys got 8 speakers as standard!.. finding them in Germany was quite a pain
  7. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    It surely has ... Thanks, I'm certain yours will look perfect too! I think that we might actually be the only anthracite Lupo owners with BBS 814 rims (or at least the only ones I know of ) At this point there are only a few minor things that I have planned for it. The first is the antenna.. I want to get the original one!
  8. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Glad you like them!
  9. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks! ... I'm running the original suspension with shorter springs from H&R. They make the car about 30 mm lower.
  10. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Quick update: The Lupo's now sitting on original BBS RS 814 wheels. Here are a few random pics of the car...
  11. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks!.. Yeah I did (it took some time but eventually some came up)
  12. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    I also installed a gamma head unit along with a 6cd changer:
  13. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Just a quick update: I installed rear speakers! It took a lot of time, however the final result made all the effort worth it! Here are some (bad quality ) pics:
  14. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Yeah, I guess that's something.. I got mine from: http://www.profimats.com/gambio_shop2/product_info.php/info/p370_velours-fussmatten-vw-lupo-6x1-6e1-bj--1998---2005.html . Im not here to advertise, however I can surely recommend them to you
  15. callmerik

    '03 Anthracite Gti

    Thanks!, and yeah!... Unfortunately, the car only came with the rear (original) mats.. As they where not in a very good condition, I got a complete new set.

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