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  1. I said it's my car I never provided any information for this article. They chose to use an "expert" for their information. I'm well aware of the mistakes they have printed. So send your pm elsewhere and get off your high horse ?
  2. This is my Lupo in the magazine feature. It's also in this months VW driver magazine with a mention of Club Lupo re door check strap repair info ?
  3. Hi need a pair of standard front door door speakers please. Anyone? Thank you
  4. Hi Skegga What brand starter motor please? And have you got passenger headlight for sale? Thanks
  5. My Lupo in this months Modern Classic magazine
  6. NS lupo Gti headlight required, don't need bulb or ballast just headlight. Please and thanks
  7. Hi I'm looking for a standard airbox if anyone has got one and price? front door speakers also required and price? Also gamma radio? Many thanks in advance
  8. Have you got any window switches left? If you do I'd like to buy one please. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks Silver. Do my best to keep them tidy. Only had the lupo since December so work in progress
  10. Thanks Lupoboz il keep that in mind ? it is quite tidy just needs couple of little things tidying but is 13 years old!
  11. Hi I'm a new member on here from Northants and the first forum I've joined. I have a Lupo GTI with aircon, heated leather and sunroof. Standard is best for me just work in progress fixing all the common faults with the car as well as tidying it up as best as possible. Anyway hello!
  12. Hi I'd like to buy this badge from you. Can you message me your details. Thanks In advance
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