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  1. Hi mk2 and Rich, Thanks for your reply - I thought I'd post this as a follow-up to my problem. Dad I got round to trying a clutch cable earlier (last owner bought it but never fitted it) - it seems much better now after a good 30 minute drive. What we found is that the end of the sleeve on the cable by the ball joint which connects to the clutch pedal was all warped and damaged, suggesting it wasn't installed properly the last time someone did it (if ever!). Also, when the cable was out of the car, I tried pulling the cable itself. It pulled up fine but did get stuck going down suggesting it was frayed inside New cable seems to be doing wonders now
  2. Hello there, I noticed that on my Lupo the clutch will become very stiff and "sticky" after driving for long periods (e.g. an hour). When it's cold it's much better (although it's still not as smooth as it could be). Would this be down to a clutch cable, or is it something more complex like the dreaded pedal box? - Kyle
  3. My 1st car - all Tax, MOT and insured now. Got a couple problems to sort out on her but generally she's a lovely drive 😀
  4. Thanks all for the advice - I'll take the card off over the weekend and make sure the wiring is fine. I'll also swap over the switches and see if that makes any odds.
  5. Hello all, My Lupo has a problem where I cannot roll down the left window using the driver's side switch. It does work rolling up though, and the passenger side switch works both down and up. Is this just a faulty switch and if so, where can I buy a new one? Is it a hard job to replace? Thanks, Kyle
  6. Thanks Silver The refurbing headlights guide looks pretty useful as mine are quite bad; a previous owner already installed remote locking so that's a bonus. Thanks for your reply
  7. Hello all, I'm Kyle and have recently passed my driving test. I will be getting a '51 plate Lupo S for my first car since it is cheap to buy, as well as run. I'm looking forward to driving this car as well as being a member here! Any advice would be appreciated - Kyle
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