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  1. Hi All, My car died whilst i was driving, luckily it was as i turned into my destination and was going a slowish speed. Order of events: No warning lights or indication of it about to happen. The engine cut off mid-driving I slowed to a stop on the side of the road Attempted to start engine, the ignition works, but engine doesnt come on. Looked over engine, oil/coolant and fuel levels as normal, lights/radio etc normal. (thats about my knowledge of car troubleshooting...) Called RAC, unable to fix, but said the revs weren't showing on the dash He suggested it is the Crankshaft sensor - but unable to check this because of it being under the starter motor. Towed me home, and i cant get a mobile mechanic, so awaiting another option. Any other potential ideas of what it could be?? Edit: Car, X reg 1.0 Petrol
  2. Hi all, my car got knocked into whilst parked and the casing on the left wm got cracked. It was okay as it was if you didn’t touch it so it was added to the list of things that aren’t pressing. long story short someone on my road has a habit of knocking in wing mirrors to walk past - even though there is loads of room to walk!! And must have loosened it. And i was driving this morning and didn’t notice when it happened exactly. here’s the result. Where can I find two wing mirrors? And can I just get the casing? (I doubt my blue will be a shade that’s common so I’ll have to go with black or something)
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