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  1. If you had asked last week i would have said yes, now im keeping it im doing a lot of work on it , nothng major just a spend money just incase thing, timing belt, 2 new wishbones , rust on rear arches sorted etc. Might look at selling again next year who knows. Dont worry mileage wont change much as my house isnt far from my work.
  2. No sorry pulled from sale , keeping it
  3. Tdi i meant lol. And against vw up theres less lol
  4. Its something i cannot put my finger on rich, the lupo feels solid built and as much as the up is probably well built its not lupo solid. Also this will run for a good few thousand mile being diesel without much hassle, cannot say the same for a 1litre petrol up. I know this car inside out, even when it needs work done its not fortunes to get done, and its rare to see them on the road which i like, ups are everywhere lol. A guy came past my work 4 days ago and said is thst your lupo, he ssid its lovely mine lol, said i was thinking of selling it and he said you must be mad, if you find a car thats cheap to maintain , run , etc why would you sell it, it will run for the next 10 years with very little outlay and it looks fab with its alloys. He was right, as you were rich when you said the same as he did, was i mad lol
  5. Having drove a friends up i have decided not to sell my lupo. Can an op delete this thread. Thanks
  6. The only none standard in it is a rear strut bar which was on when i bought it, cd player which has usb and the tracker , number plate surrounds, and led lights everything else is stock. Got every service stamp in the book , and a file of receipts for all work done since it was new.
  7. It is a keeper volks , like rich says maybe ive got mental problems lol
  8. Seeing as this car has always been a club car being previously owned by another member on here, thought i would try and keep it in the club. I have a hol in nov so when i come back might just fly it by ebay crowd.
  9. Its had over £500 spent on it in the last 8 weeks , what with vw service prices, new continental tyres, new brakes & discs, new centre and back exhaust, new anti roll bushes, lower ball joint etc.
  10. For £1500 i would rather lock it away in my garage
  11. number63

    VW Lupo 1.7 SDI Wanted

    Im kind of selling a tdi. Its on forum
  12. So do you think the price is right rich?
  13. Lol your right. Got a holiday booked for november so might get the rear arch done when im away, hire a up when im abroad and see how i get along with it.
  14. Insurance is exactly the same price as for the up, road tax £30 , up £20 so theres not really a massive reason to sell .
  15. I know what you mean, dont think theres another 1.4tdi in the uk with 58000 genuine miles on

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