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  1. i am looking to install a double din or single din slide up screen into my lupo, i have never done this before and would like to know what would / wouldnt fit, any suggestions on what i should buy, and also what additional wires would i need. Any help or advice would be great Image below is the sort of thing i want in my lupo
  2. Agree just seen quite alot of low milers that people have said to bought for like £400 which has good body work and i just cant seem to find one, one lupo 1.0 sold for 2k 25k on the clock blue scirocco leather seats alloys dropped, double din and had a few other mods Also at the end of the day the market decides the price no matter what you think the cars worth if shes willin to take around 1200 id be more than willing to buy it
  3. Change the 2 to a 1 and i will be interested 🙂
  4. Wow seems like a minter but i could get a lupo gti at that price😂
  5. Agree, personal preference dont like silver and i want to keep it for a long time
  6. no thanks just looking for a lupo
  7. Im sure it is just dont want a silver
  8. looking for a 1litre lupo or 1.4tdi preferably not any silver lupos, modded or not i dont mind. In a 60mile radius of manchester
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