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    Nothing but after someone to do my lupo conversion ££

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  1. Did you find anything on this ?
  2. Looking at bucket seats want to trade for lightweight seats but what do the front seats weight Lupo GTI thanks !!
  3. Jordankeeble

    GTI Upgrades

    1.6 gti engine from Lupo if easier give me a text 07955318390
  4. Jordankeeble

    GTI Upgrades

    Thanks for the reply that build is to die for, I got quoted 4000£ for probably in increase of about 50bhp max on the engine with the engine mods discussed, can itb be ran on standard engine with the correct mods to make them fit with mapping ?
  5. Heya god loved reading all this It’s amazing can itbs be ran on a standard engine
  6. This still around ?
  7. Amazing thanks bud can they not supply the wheel aswell of do you have to supply !!
  8. I didn’t think doing some engine tuning if I’m going with stronger internals and updated parts it won’t do to much damage to the engine reliability’s or daily driving
  9. Help ! I’d like to upgrade the steering wheel maybe from a gti flat bottom if anyone has done it !
  10. I have to go with Lupo due to its low insurance group of 21 !!
  11. Jordankeeble

    GTI Upgrades

    Okay mate thankyou I’ve messaged tsr about a build like this hoping they can help !, as the moneys sat there waiting, looking at cams flywheel pistons and itb !
  12. Thankyou for the reply guys !, I have spoken to a couple of people and tsr seem the way to go I’m probably going to go with a rebuild forged internals fly wheel all the standard stuff and itb got a 2-3k budget for tuning !, seen a guy had one for sale with that build said above, at 175!Bhp
  13. I’d like a fast as **** daily that retains some reliability !!
  14. Jordankeeble

    GTI Upgrades

    Hey guys reading the thread does anyone know of any companies in the uk that would do engine work as detailed above cams flywheel and And bodies for my Lupo gti !!
  15. Thanks guys tar do conversions for 5k for the 1.8t engine I’ve spoken to a company locally whogot my hopes up about. Doing work now it seems I’ve heard that they have done poor work quality on previous cars, he suggested doing a throttle bodied and lumpy cam engine does anyone know of any companies in the uk that would be helpful with this type of engine work for vws
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