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  1. Thought I'd shoot a little update: Car has been taken off the road for the winter, as I have a company car and I already got some things done, but I still only have a few hours every other Sunday to work on the Loop =( - Fully stripped out rear - Fully cleaned rear - Took out the rear lights and cleaned behind them - Rerouted air intake - Had a little problem with the battery - the little hose wasn't connected anymore and couldn't drain the fluid out through the little nipple under the car (I am mechanically retarded sorry), and as I didn't notice, it was free to leak for a while resulting in almost half a litre (1,76 pints for the lads out there) of dirty, smelly, acidic fluid hidden away under the battery tray. Cleaned this up, and thankfully, no rust yet. Never had this happen on a car before though - On the 23rd this month, I FINALLY put in my order for a roll cage: it's a half-cage with a cross in the rear. For those of you that know about this, here's the specifications: S355J2 (1.0577) ST52-3 Main loop steel thickness: 45mm x 2,5mm Cross bars and bracings steel thickness: 40mm x 2mm - Car's booked in for a full valet today with my friend who conveniently opened up shop in the underground parking lot of the shopping centre above which I live. Hasn't been cleaned since June and looks like hell. - Tonight, I'll put her on her winter shoes as I don't care if those tires suffer from the car being off the road. I do like my summer tires though, and I have something planned for the BBSs which I'll get to in January... Also, the day the roll cage gets put in, she'll get the coilovers she deserves. Cheers, Marvin
  2. Welcome back =) you still got the scooter as well?
  3. Hi Thomas, willkommen in Club viel Spass beim Schrauben ! Marv
  4. Keep it going and don't forget to upload pictures Marv
  5. Understeer and lift off oversteer can be fun too
  6. Nice! What are the plans? Marv
  7. Skezza, it's got the teeniest turbocharger you've ever seen it's actually quite torquey, so the lack of power is not apparent until about 65 - 70 mph or when you've got to overtake. Marvin
  8. My GTI gets between 25 and 33 mpg. My company car, a smart fortwo cdi (wheezy 800cc 54hp diesel engine) manages about 75mpg. Worst I've had was my Maserati 3200GT (the one with the boomerang rear lights ), 11mpg!!! Marv
  9. I bought mine on May 3rd this year, with 178800km on the clock. Here's what the paperwork and the previous owner told me went wrong with the car when he still had it: - at around 130000km, the gearbox went and 6th gear had to be rebuilt. Cost around 2600 EUR IIRC... some 55k later, the box is still going strong though - last year, one of the Xenons went pop, so both were replaced - the two rectangular plastic covers in the front grille have a habit of falling off during cold winters apparently Since I've had it, mileage has increased to 184300 and the only thing it needed was a new left rear wheel bearing which it got yesterday, so seems quite reliable to me. Gas mileage, between 33mpg and 25mpg when driven hard. Marv
  10. Any updates on this ? Looks cool lowered !
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