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  1. Ulick

    TT Aero wipers

    If you are brave enough, cut the tops off your wiper arms and weld on mk5 golf tops, i have done this to mine and with a little effort looks factory!
  2. I live in Athlone! Thanks i got them up in Banbridge!
  3. Ulick

    Irish lupo!

    Thanks everyone!the cabby is back to standard now ,its In France enjoying the good weather Good news for the loop, brand new genuine 16v sport rear bumper in stock today for it! Getting cut up tomorrow to shorten the tub to suit an American plate! Flushing the lines out of the bumpers and colour coding the textured bits! Front and rear! Got a civic stubby Ariel for it in the scrappy today
  4. Ulick

    Borbet A's

    I have 15x 8 borbet a's on the back of my lupo , the adjusters are out of the coilovers and i rolled the arches flat, with 175/50/15's it arching slightly but manageable Think 9x16's would be a little much!
  5. Ulick

    Irish lupo!

    Heres some of me other dubs... Vento tdi daily, loads of spec! Currently off the road for a bit of a revamp including new sills , undersealed and a variable vain turbo from a passat pd 130, hoping for 180 bhp when its complete(in a month or so) Golf mk3 gti cabby And sporter tdi company van!
  6. Ulick

    Irish lupo!

    Hey everyone, just joined up here after a long time of keeping an eye on here. Heres my little loop, its been a ongoing project for a good while now! It started life as a 1l but converted to arc polo 1.6 16v, It has the polo clocks, brakes engine and box loom ect. The recess in the bonnet has been smoothed but i kept the badge, just trimmed the top for something different. For a while, i ran it on the bbs rx2 polo splits But got bored of them, picked up a set of borbets ,(reps) in 15x8 and 7 Next to sort was the manky interior, was planning on a set of recaro pole positions, but the tombstones popped up so.... 8hours drive later, they wer in the boot(tight squeez) shortly in the car! Think they really suit the car! Heres a pic of how she sits now, i want to raise the rear a little and drop the front a little, Next plan is sport rear bumper with shortened tub and colour coded bottom sections, and a stubby d/s mirror.
  7. There you go! 15" borbet reps 7's and 8's with hankook 175/50/15's Jom coilovers, Arc running gear including brakes, Porsche tombstones, Raid Hp 280mm All red rears, tinted indicators, front badge recess taken out of bonnet, and lots a other bits and pieces!
  8. You make it???tell me more! Thanks for the part no.
  9. You make it???tell me more! Thanks for the part no.
  10. Hi all looking for help tracking down the part numbers of the lower textured bumper piece with centre exit exhaust from a 1.4 16v Lupo! Tried all the main dealers around and they are saying there is only listed! Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone, just registered here from Ireland , have a 00 Lupo 1.0l converted to ARC from a polo! Looking for some tips and part numbers! Look forward to seeing your cars!
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