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  1. Can anyone tell me whether the cambelt/cam pulley needs to be removed to do this or can it be done easier via the other end. Tandem pump I believe? The polo hanyes manual on this doesn't appear to be helpful at all.
  2. I don't have the cel light either but not sure if these always did have one of them. Maybe I got them mixed up.
  3. What lights should I be seeing if a fault occurs?
  4. My epc light no longer works on the tdi. When I turn on the ignition I get nothing. I think the air at light is out aswell, possibly Abs. Ive checked the fuses and they are all okay so I want to try the relevant ground locations if anyone knows? If that fails I guess I'll have to remove the cluster. Probably a loose wire.
  5. Sounds a little like rodknock but its not audable when the filler cap is on. It has been sat for about 6 months. I believe the car is out of time a bit or it has the balancer shaft issue as it rattles at idle but 1000rpm and above its really smooth.
  6. Hi, the engine shakes alot at idle. Not touched the positioning sensor, could this cause it to vibrate so much at idle?
  7. So I got the car up and running again but after plugging it into vagcom I get the fault code 19464 camshaft position sensor out of range g40. I'm not sure if it needs a large adjustment. It runs okay but has a rough idle and shakes alot, it's fine once the revs are up. I've never done a cambelt but I get the jist, position to TDC then lock it with the pin and at the crank, the release tension. Would I need to remove the engine mount to make a small adjustment?
  8. Ha cheers guys.couldnt believe how easy it was actually. 19mm spanner and turn clockwise on the notch that sticks out of the top or the tensioner.
  9. Anyone know how to do this? I've looked in side what looks like the tensioner but I can't get a socket or square drive in there or anything
  10. I'm currently removing the turbo from car as much giving it a complete overhall. As far as I'm aware you just remove the coolant and oilseed lines no problem. Youn will get some spillage so have something handy to wipe it or catch it and maybe clamp the lines too. Is your turbo bolted to the exhaust manifold or is it all one piece? I had to remove the intake manifold on mine to get to at the exhaust manifold including the egr. It's simple stuff just take pictures of everything as you go along.you will want to use some good penetration fluid on the nuts for the manifold if they are as rusty as mine were. You'll need a 12mm socket for the manifold bolts and most can be undone from the top barring one in my case. If your turbo is not one piece with the exhaust manifold you will also need a 12 point 12mm socket for them 3 bolts. One of them is a pain to get to. I think you need a 10mm socket to remove the turbo inlet pipe too.
  11. Hi, I'm going to be changing my balance shaft chain in the coming weeks (when the weather is lovely and warm) I am wondering who has had their sump off their tdi? I'd like some advice on how to remove it. Also can anyone recommend how I check my: -timing chain, -the sprocket which gets worn (not sure which one it is although I'm guessing it is in the sump) -and the chain tensioner? I'm going to make a video hopefully if I can get some good shots as I cannot find anything on youtube to help me. If not I'll take alot of pictures and try to be as clear as possible. I am new to all this although I am handy with diy on cars, changing tie rods, wishbones, exhaust manifold etc so I am confident I can do this.
  12. Iv'e tried everything to diagnose the rattle. It does seem to be the balance shaft chain, I can hear it distinctly now. I can't find much information on the internet regarding even looking at the balance shaft chain. I already have another car now so I can leave this off the road and consider it a project to get it running smooth again. Does anyone know where I should start with this? Any documentation or the like? I really just want to get a good look at it for now and see how bad it is. Can't wait to get started!
  13. Cheers for the info on the bolts. I didn't realise. Never had time today to remove them anyhow. Busy with the golf. All sorted now so tomorrow the the arosa gets my attention..
  14. I'm sure mine is at 2000rpm @ 70mph standard.
  15. The dog bone is certainly fine. I'll have the other two out Saturday if the weather is nice and give them a good look over. It just concerns me that I can hear a chain. Been doing alot of reading on it and I did find some information here and there on other cars. Look ridiculously hard to change parts concerning the balance shaft and about 4 or 5 special tools are needed. I'm going to check the balance shaft chain and pray that it just needs a new chain and the sprocket or chain guide isn't worn. I'll get some pictures. Cheers
  16. I'm preparing my 2002 1.4 tdi to be sold but I am trying to sort the vibrating issue with the engine. The engine visible shakes at idle but goes away at around 1300 rpm. The gearstick rattles a fair bit aswell and the vibrating is worse when pulling away I have had the dogbone mount out and it appears to be in very good condition, no tears or anything. Iv'e cleaned the MAF with electrical contact cleaner. The Passenger side mount which connects to the transmission (my car is right hand drive) does have some play and could be torn a little but I cannot see very well even with the battery and battery tray removed. I am going to remove this tomorrow and have a proper look. I can pry this mount with a pry bar and it moves quite a lot fairly easily. Not sure if it is supposed to. Also I can move the engine maybe 1mm up and 1mm down when I rock it by hand. One thing which does concern me is I can hear my balance shaft chain, at least I think I can. When I drive near a wall with the window down I can hear it very clearly. Even at idle I can hear it too. What is involved in properly diagnosing and fixing this? It seems a rare occurrence and i'm struggling to find information on it for this car or the 1.9tdi's. Could this be done DIY? Is it just the chain that will need replacing? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  17. Yeah, they're quite rare. The guy with the front end damage is dreaming with that price in mind. Don't let it put you off. I got my arosa tdi for 1400 with 110k and fsh 1 owner. He had just spend 700 servicing it with cambelt brakes and a cat aswell. Don't rush into it. You'll find one. Make sure it's the £30 tax bracket too
  18. Lupo or arosa? Sounds expensive to me.
  19. Thinner rear tyres and a remap. R-tech can get 9bhp from the 1.9 sdi so maybe 5bhp from the 1.7? Not worth the 250 quid tho. Get a tdi
  20. Hi, some of my cluster lights don't illuminate anymore. Particularly the emissions and check engine light are concerning me, now. I periodically run VAGCOM to make sure everything is sweet but it's not ideal really. Sureley the LED's aren't blowing! I've found an electrical diagram. Can anyone help me decipher it? I'm sure my problem must lie with a loose wire or a dodgy ground or fuse?
  21. Seen a black diamond one on fleabay. Iv'e got a 100bhp remap and the car has got 120k on it with original clutch. Besides Theres a funny noise coming from the flywheel/clutch when there's a load on it, sometimes. It's difficult to explain but sounds like it could be a DMF going bad.
  22. Iv'e got a 2003 arosa tdi a and thinking about upgrading the clutch to a stage one. May aswell look at the flywheel too.
  23. I tried this again today lol, but those bolts attached to the manifold were a nightmare. I didn't have anything to aid them to come off. I gave the EGR a clean tho. Don't think I can tel any difference in performance tho. Throttle response may be a tad better.
  24. I had a quick blast at removing the saucer before. I got the big pipe from the intercooler off and had a look inside. It's absolutely caked! I was gona clean it but I couldnt remove the damn thing. Theres three bolts, two are easy but the third bolt is behind the metal pipe that goes to the manifold. I couldn't get to it lol. I'll have another gander next week.
  25. Haha, glad you got it sorted mate. Iv'e got a blank plate myself. Did you happen to take more pics of your removal and plate fitting procedure? I want to do mine. Did you have to get underneath the car to remove the pipe from the manifold?
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