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  1. Hi Rich I can get a cat for £100 off eBay new and centre & back box off eBay also new for £60 so I'm just thinking £120 seems alittle steep as I can buy new for abit more how much what do you think that price is posted to me as well dose it seem value for money just don't wanna pay ott.... thanks
  2. I need a standard used exhaust turbo back so including cat for a vw lupo 1.4 tdi I've been offered one but the guy wants £120 delivered dose this sound reasonable... I'm just returning the lup to standard so need a few bits but thought his price was alittle ott but thought I double check on here he says he can get £60 for the cat alone ?? Thanks
  3. The tyres that are fitted are yoko parada spec -2 ..... As said Basicly new, so think it's a shame not to use them but if I have to go smaller to be able to drop it in the future then I will
  4. Hi sausage.... Not lowered at all at the moment ideally wanting to fit some coilovers later next year maybe once it warms up but I have been waiting for these alloys for some time, the tyres are Basicly new and a good brand just a shame the tyres are slightly out fitmen wise....
  5. The lupo isn't lowered at all atm but will plan to at a later date maybe I will just buy the alloys and the sell the tyres at a later date And just get some 185 to be sure I think from what I remember been told 165 is a big stretch and 185 is non stretch is that correct... So if I didn't want stretch I would need ?? 185 x 35 or 40 x 15 is that about right .....When u say they rub on a gti if lowered where abouts is it rubbing shock or arch
  6. Hi buddy ... That dosent tell me if I'm gonna be hitting the shock.... Also I don't have my standard wheel dimensions to hand so abit stuck till the weekend as away atm Can you or anyone tell me my standard wheel dimensions on a tdi sport lupo... Or or comment on my initial question Plllleeeaaasseeeee helpppp
  7. Hi peeps I have a 2001 lupo tdi sport and have seen some alloys I want, well actually be waiting bloody ages for them and have found a set for sale and just had a few questions regarding fitment.. They have tyres fitted but think they may also be abit on the big side and I don't want any issues first of the alloys they are : 15 x 7j et35 From what I've read on verious pages I thing the fitment should be ok I don't want them rubbing on the arch or hitting the shock so just need conformation. Secondly and where I think there will be issues is the tyres that are fitted are 195 x 50 x 15 ..... Would this tyre size be a issue... I will be fitting coilovers at a later date but for now the standard shocks are fitted. Any help would be greatly aprechaited ?
  8. Hi sausage, in the link above is it Basicly saying the most u can go without modifying arches is et35, I no JMG and I no he don't wanna start rolling the arches or be messing with stretched tyres.... Do u happen to no what et / offset standard the alloys are ? Basicly I no he wants a 4x100 obviously and he wants slightly bigger alloys in 15's what offset and width would he need to keep things standard / no rolling etc .. Cheers
  9. Heellllp... Thought I may have abit more luck posting in this part of the forum.. I'm after a set of lupo wing mirrors in silver with electric adjustment to suit a 2001 plate..... Many thanks
  10. As per title looking for a set of lupo wing mirrors to suit my 01 lupo in silver with electric adjustment... Let me no what you got Cheers
  11. Hi Pete, can u confirm the location of the crank sensor please I'm looking for diagrams online but cannot seem to find anything I'm about to start pulling the car apart now so should be fun taking taking a 14 year old turbo off lol Cheers again Csf
  12. To add.....Pete I'm not doubting your method I'm just tring to find out as I said before what the correct procedure is
  13. Sorry for my lack of vw knowledge, I'm a impreza fan and when replacing the turbo which I have done quite a few times the correct procedure would be to remove either the ingnition fuse or discon the crank sensor for a few min and crank over then fire her up. I may be a newbie with these vw's but I'm doing this for mate who can barely check his oil, if I'm honest I've never heard of squirting oil into the turbine which is why I raised a question, surely would just be easier to remove fuse and crank it.... It's not a case of not noing what I'm doing more a case of just trying to confirm the correct procedure.
  14. Ok that's a first....... Think I'd rather pull ingnition fuse so I can crank it over a good few times before I start it, can anyone tell Me where the ignition fuse is located ?
  15. Ok so starting tomoro I have one final question ..... Hopefully get a answer before then ....so ... I will need to get the oil circulating prior to firing her up where is the ignition fuse or crank sensor so I can turn her over to get oil pressure up before starting ?? Any thoughts...... Thanks in advance
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