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  1. Farcical scenes. I'm fuming here. The forum's most successful thread, gone, like Keyser Soze. I demand an explanation.
  2. thinking about one of these instead of the pony iphone4.. anyone use air screen or any of the remote desktop clients?
  3. because of the non existent signal at home on orange. i had the signal drop issue but that wasn't a major thing because i'm sure that will be resolved with an update (which i thought would be here by now tbf - bit worrying). for once i'm not convinced with an apple product. i think i'll prob skip this generation of iphone and get an ipad instead.
  4. i loved writing that feature. they're brilliant little cars with really interesting history. it turned out the guy that runs the uk owners club lives just down the road and he has an awesome little race car (along with 12 other nsu bikes and cars!!!)
  5. loving the inconsistency in this thread.
  6. just because you wouldn't drive it hard, it doesn't mean that the owner wouldn't. it makes no claims of being a track-prepped monster.
  7. well i was running a g4 powerbook before that as my portable, so it's a night and day difference. that said, it's testament to apple that a laptop can do a job and do it pretty well for nigh on six years. few teething problems at the moment with the migration from the other machine - suitcase is being a bit of a pain especially.
  8. posting from my new 15" macbook pro 2.8.
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