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  1. Agreed, been mulling it over since I read a thread in which someone had put a TDi in a Corrado...
  2. Hi guys, I've just had a go at wiring in new front speakers and amp. Specs are thus: hertz dieci dsk 165.3 components 4ohms, SPL dynamics 150.2 2 channel amp, 4 gauge auto leads wiring kit. Wired everything in, fired it up and it seemed OK. I turned up the HU and when it reached a certain volume it all cut out. Turned down, it came back on, turned up and it cut out again. Any ideas what causes this? Its grounded to that circular lid under the back seats and the remote cable is spliced and soldered to the blue wire in the HU loom. On a side note, the live came loose and blue the amps fuse so w
  3. Does anyone know if the mk3 scirocco rears will fit? Obviously I'll have to sort out brackets, but dimensions wise? Also will the fronts fit dimensions wise? The runners will be easy but I don't want to buy a set when none of it will actually fit in the car haha
  4. is this literally just a case of sticking the new fabric on top of the old one and then cutting the edges down?
  5. cheers for the feedback guys! My loop is already wired for an amp I think, thanks to the previous owner, but as I've never used one before they still confuse me lol. does it mean that every time I want to turn the tunes up or down I have to mess with the amp and not the head unit? or can I put the amp in full and then master it with the head unit? good shout with the sound deadening too, planning on putting a new carpet down anyway so might have a go then
  6. hey guys. I have trawled through the posts and found that when it comes to audio we're more or less split 50/50. some people are well up for an amp, others say you just need a good set of door speakers. I listen to my music LOUD, I shot my original speakers in a day of owning the car. That said, I very much appreciate audio quality and clarity, not just quantity. I think I'm coming down in the door speakers corner, but can people recommend any that play loud, keep quality, and have a decent bass on them? Spend is maybe a couple hundred and I'm willing to buy an amp if it's needed...is it likel
  7. Meh seems pretty straight forward, just took the bulbs out and had a look. Think my mate's got a soldering iron - seems like a case of cutting the filter into quarters and either shaking them out or getting some needle-nose pliers on it
  8. Reviving this! Not sure how you're supposed to go about either method, is there a step by step guide anyone can point me to? Or a method that doesn't involve buying tools like that that I don't have the money for..?
  9. Yeah bottom - sweet thanks turning into an expensive month, got alloys being delivered today, gonna need a new tyre and an eventual refurb, need coilies AND new sound! All for a good cause haha
  10. Jumping in on this, I'm intrigued by these : http://www.bladeice.com/index.php/products/b2-audio/speakers Now I'm crap when it comes to electronics, will I need an amp to run these?
  11. Aronix has a twin cupholder, got it off Dubmuffin - seeing them both at lunchtime so I'll ask them
  12. I also would be interested in knowing the details
  13. Boom, back after a bit. The car has had it's fresco respray and has had the front bumper, the side styling lines, and the boot badge recess smoothed. I decided to for go smoothing the boot lid handle as at the end of the day it's still only a daily and one day I'm gonna want to move it on...normal people either want a car that works without hassle, or one they can in turn do up anyways, photos. Not really sure what's next as I'm on a ridiculously tight budget...the respray was a product of cunning negotiation and parts swapping, but hopefully I'll be able to get some new shoes for her befo
  14. So much love for this car - mines getting repsrayed fresco green this week and I can't wait to start making it properly my own! Don't worry though, I won't copy you haha
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