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  1. Thanks for the comments. I had it up for sale a while ago so probably had some pics in the add.
  2. Been on CL a while now but never put up any pics of my Lupo so......... here's one.
  3. Very nice. What do you use on the paint to get the swirls out?
  4. There is a small hole underneath the mirror housing, remove the plug and then use a screwdriver to press against a the metal clip inside, the mirror cap should then pop off. HTH
  5. I need to replace my door straps, both my doors have started clicking and squeaking when I open of close them. Is it easy enough to do? and how much are they?
  6. Thanks, I got the car up yesterday and had a good look underneath. I noticed that one of the brackets on the middle of the exhaust had snapped so I think its probably that as it sits just underneath where the handbrake is. I will have a look at the heatsheild too and see. Thanks
  7. I've had a rattling noise now for a month or so and I simply can't find it, at first I thought it was the passengers seat(see previous post), but its not. I think the noise is coming from the rear of the handbrake, I've had a look but I can't see anything loose so I suspect its underneath. Anyone know what the problem might be ?
  8. I don't think its that but I'll check anyway. Cheers.
  9. My passengers side seat has picked up an annoying rattle when I go over and bumps. Does anyone know what could be the cause? I remember this happening on my old Mk2 Golf and it was caused by a small plastic clip which had broken in the guide runner. I had a quick look at the Lupo but couldn't see anything and I don't want to remove the seat if I don't have to. Could it be the same problem? Thanks in advance Apologies if this has been posted before, I have used the search function but I couldn't find anything related.
  10. Not sure this one had stickers on the rear wings....wheel whores.com I think.
  11. Seen a few times recently very low with wide steels and bra.
  12. Cheers, mine is/was desperate for a wash too. Yours looked nice and low BTW.
  13. I’m looking for some car seat covers to protect my interior from daily use and my dog’s muddy paws, can anyone recommend any? There are loads on eBay but to be honest they all look very similar. Ideally they need to be waterproof and washable and tailored to fit the headrests…..oh and relatively cheap. Thanks in advance
  14. I got my mates old sky dish and receiver with the intention of getting a Freesat ready HDTV but I’m having great difficult aligning the dish. I bought one of those cheap alignment tools but it’s useless and I can't get a strong enough signal! Does anyone on here do Sky/Satellite installation (fiddle jobs) or know anyone that does? I’m sure it’s not a big job, it will probably take someone with the correct knowledge and tools about 5 minutes. LOL Thanks in advance! Jonathan
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