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  1. Mine, still 'Work in Progress' as usual but.. Lupo GTI 1.6 engine with 6 speed box and quaife LSD. 5+ Year Build thread Lupo GTI Turbo conversion
  2. Haha I know, this ones a keeper. First engine that's from a Lupo!
  3. Very nice, good to see someone trying something different. Been checking out your videos on YouTube.
  4. Tigz™


    Agree with Tom, keep it simple kids!
  5. 1. CasperGTI 2. Emz 3. pro3mark 4. marcusgrant 5. nfbr 6. DanSN117 7. lunalupi 8. Sarah_Diamond (+a couple of friends) 9. MarkS 10. RichGriffiths9 11. R99 (plus friends, work depending) 12. JC_Evertonian 13. YIDDOX46 14. litte rich 15. Ralphy 16. LupoMatt 17. LoopEd 18. Taylor 19. 99hjhm 20. Silver! - I'm gonna put my name down at the mo', but I'll have to see how the summer pans out. 21. Tigz. With or without a car.
  6. Anytime dude. Few pics of the cool things
  7. Ross and Clifford both fitted a 6 speed to a 5 speed. Was a straight swap.
  8. Hahaha that's brilliant, how did you do that?
  9. I'm looking for 200bhp, although the turbo is good for 270. I'm so excited about the engine, I've been watching it being developed since before my car was taken off the road. My two favourite parts I have ever seen on a car are both on this engine. The turbo manifold was designed and built by 'Blackrat' a few years ago. When he had the plate made he had the word 'Lupo' cut into the material, it's so cool! When Pete and I spoke about the deal, he told me he had cut it off because it was fitted to his Arosa! lol I only semi believed him but that could have been a deal breaker! When Pete took on the project a few years back, the engine started to come to life. The oil feed for the Turbo, coolant to the Turbo and a million and five other jobs were worked out and built, I'm hoping Pete will have the time to explain it all as he's done such a nice job, the build quality is some of the best I've seen on a home build. My other favourite part on the engine is the adaptor for the oil filter to give the feed to the Turbo possible, you have to see it in the flesh to appreciate just how sexy this part is! The six speed gearbox with the first Quaife limited slip differential in the world fitted. There is loads left to do, Pete has already built all the intercooler hoses, for for a different smaller intercooler. There was a brand new, larger (and black so cooler lol) Sprinter intercooler with the car so I hope I can reuse as much of the pipework as possible. The front of the car is so low, I love it but it's going to have to be raised up I think, there is plenty of space for the engine and box though which I was surprised about. The 20v sat really low in the Polo. Swapping the conversions were a one hell of a challenge! My work mate let me use his LWB 3.0 V6 Toyota Landcruiser, so I collected that on Thursday night and picked up Pete and his car trailer. I think we set off the hundred mile to my house about about eight, and made good time. Got to the Lupo and started to winch it onto the back, the car has been sat for a long time so it didn't help the slightly poorly winch. The car grounded at one point and while two men trying to put a car onto a trailer at 10pm in the dark a bloke came to challenge us. In the end we had to use the fella to pull the car up by hand! We got to the fuel station about 11pm and filled up the car, £90!!! Got to the window, handed over the car to find I only had £25 in the account! Thankfully I talked the policeman who turned up to take me to get my wife's bank card to get on our way. 3:30am we got to Petes lol We got up and got the car on axle stands on Friday, and got the engine installed. We got the N/S and O/S mounts in, they are the same on the none and GTI. The gearbox mount is different though, I have both type of mount so I need to get a bracket made to bolt to the subframe to avoid swapping the drivetrain. We wanted to get off before rush hour so before we got cleaned up we tried to pull the Lupo onto the trailer and the winch gear bent. We now have a problem, machine mart is in the city centre and rush hour was approaching! Still, managed to find a new mount identical fitment so we were on our way by 6pm. As we were on a fuel budget, it took three hours to get the Lupo home and swap it for the Polo.
  10. I'll do my best to find something excited to tell you about... Oh yes, we fitted a new engine on Friday. It's another 1.6, but this time with a 6 speed gearbox with quaife LSD... and a nice big Turbo just to add to the fun!
  11. I got fed up of crap Sony & Nokia phones, so under protest walked into the apple shop and bought an Edge. I was hooked ever since. Cant wait till I can buy a 64GB iPad with iChat and multitask. I'll be the birth of the 3GS all over again! lol
  12. You wont get coolant in the oil if its head gasket, oil pressure is greater than water pressure so if anything, you'd get oil in the coolant. If you remove the top radiator pipe and have a feel to see if there's any gunk inside.
  13. I'm struggling to see it... any pics from further away?
  14. Ok I'll reword that, who's inside wheel will slip the first diff
  15. Sexy isn't it? Who's gonna be the first one to have it installed I wonder!
  16. Just ordered this morning a 32GB iPad to go with my 32GB 3GS, 8G 3G, 8G Touch and 24" iMac. Not bad to say I was slagging everything and anything Apple only two years ago lol
  17. hahaha yeah its my long lean leg lol
  18. OMG! Look at the rear camber!!!
  19. Got it dude, thanks. Will try and get it collected in the morning. Yours is the last one thank the Diff God!
  20. Your diff was collected this morning, should be with you within 3 working days. Coming via DHL, you should receive the update e-mails as I do on its progress?
  21. Top work dude, I wasn't so sure when I saw so many speaker locations but the clocks in the dash centre have changed my mind. Hope it sounds as good as it looks!
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