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  1. Not really, fit a 20v into a Lupo, you get really great smooth power for driving to work, and 200bhp for the drive home again on a summer night.
  2. Really? Why would a 6x9 sound any worse than a 6.5" round?
  3. Neither the Clio or the Seat are low enough to have problems. Even my truck spec testers go low enough for my Lupo!
  4. Take it to someone else. The headlamp testers are adjustable.
  5. Nice work dude, please tell me that last pic of the white Lupo is real? Love that rear end.
  6. I'm still waiting to see a TSI engine conversion... in fact, should I sell the Turbo and start again. Again? Someone was part way through fitting one a few years back...
  7. Too much work, you can buy a 1.0 engine pretty cheaply. I sold my 30k two year old engine for £50.
  8. I 'took' out the fly by wire pedal and controller and fitted a throttle pedal from a 1.4s.
  9. It was a 1.0, I fitted a 1.4 then a Polo GTI engine, then sold the bits and engine to go for a 20v then changed my mind again and went for a Turbo charged Lupo GTI engine. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=26910
  10. I didn't design it, my friend designed it and gave the drawings to a local machine shop to be 'cut' I will ask if he still has the drawings, I asked before but he wasn't sure where it was.
  11. This was mine. Cost £100 for the tools, and I managed to scrounge the Aluminium from work for free, but the materials shouldn't really cost more than £50.
  12. Don't worry about it, 7,000 of my 31'000 posts have been deleted lol
  13. Don't think they make them any more. Ebay and Polo Forums would be the places to start the search.
  14. They wont fit a Lupo engine, the Port space between 1&2 and 3&4 is 40mm but unfortunately the space between 2&3 is only 30mm so you have no option other than a manifold (Sorg is a good bet) on a space plate.
  15. I don't bother anymore, just getting slightly worried about nfbr's post count.
  16. 6.5" with speaker adaptors.
  17. What gearbox have you used? If its a 085 then yeah, they are available from Quaife off the shelf. If its a Lupo GTI gearbox then you'll need to e-mail to see if they have any left. They made 25 so I would imagine they would do. Group buy has ended dude, but Quaife will happily sell you one.
  18. They weren't on my 1.0 Lupo. Direct fit for both the Polo GTI and Lupo GTI engine I fitted to it.
  19. 1.0 engine and mounts are the same for the Polo GTI conversion. Gearbox and engine mount is a direct swap on a Lupo GTI engine and gearbox.
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