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  1. Yes it is but arn't the GTI and the Sport TB the same size? I would imagine i can bolt my TB onto the cast manifold of the GTI.
  2. I am looking to get as much power out of my 1.4 sport as possible, and i noticed that the intake manifold is cast unlike the crap plastic one i have at the moment. I was thinking of using the gti manifold for my sport and was wondering if this would have any improvements?
  3. I should be able to address the fueling with a self regulating fpr running at 1:1.2 and a wideband to stop any knocking issues.
  4. This is a question for the technical members, Does anyone know the maximum voltage output from the map sensor should be? Its a 1.4 BBZ 100bhp engine. I've got a hunch it is something around 2v or less. Also i belive that any reading above 2v that the ECU picks up will throw a CEL, or put the car in to Limp Mode.. Below is a chart i have based my guess work on:
  5. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    Its hard to say where your coming at. I would say the turbo would not sit as close to the engine as you think it does.
  6. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    Don't be fooled with the turbo housing touching the camshafts/camshaft cover on the engine, as there is a gap between the camshafts and the engine cover. The turbo outlet looks to sit above the camshaft case, and only the engine cover is modified slightly for the inlet boost pipe. The downpipe is slighty away from the block, however its path follows the same as our current manifolds when joining the center section. I believe the filter housing is higher because of the location of the alternator? Like GTI said, unless someone bolts the damn thing on we can ponder until the cows come home
  7. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    No the diagram is the correct way up, and that is how the turbo should be mounted. Unfortunately for those with Lupos (all of you), this may not fit. Those fortunate enough with a Polo or Ibiza have a larger engine bay in terms of height and width. This is how the turbo looks when mounted on the engine:
  8. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    I think your turbo on the Sorroc is the same as whats on the Golf 1.4 TSI: ^ I would imagine that would sit flush even in a lupo engine bay! That is what i want on my 1.4. It does look very small for a turbo i think
  9. Forced Induction or Throttle Bodies is where its at!
  10. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    Probably in your tiny Lupo but in the Ibiza it should snuggly fit . Having said that, the turbo does appear to be minute. Just found out also that VW manufactured a manifold for a turbo for the 16v R4 engines aswell, but it was for the international market and the engine was only a 1.0:
  11. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    No the inlet manifold uses a different pattern for the intake ports. The old 1.4 16v engines use a club style pattern for the ports while the newer ones use a rectangular shape.
  12. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    Right! Some good news for you all... They had the gasket in stock at the VW dealership which was lucky And only 5.45 too! You will be pleased to know that the new TSI shares the same port pattern and size: The only issue here is that the last bolt does not marry up to the previous engines, but i think that is VW tyring to stop us being adventurous! If this bothers you then you can easily chop and weld that little part anyroad. I am glad i got round to doing this
  13. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    I'll try on the way home tonight .
  14. Heyaxe

    1.4 TSI Manifold

    It looks like it will fit however the last bolt hole on the new manifold has been moved closer to the port hole, but i don't think that would cause an issue as it would still bolt on. You can always cut and weld from the older 1.4 manifold to make it a perfect fit. How would i go about buying one from VW?
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