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  1. Mitchell if you have visited this page i need to know why

    Was curious why you and Casper had an '*' next to your names lol

  2. Cheers dude :-)

  3. Has ordered a chinese for a change.

    1. Mitchell


      i do not understand your message

  4. Love the new car dude!

  5. Hey dude, pics of the Boxster would be cool ;)

  6. Hello dude, how's my door builds coming along?

  7. The Defender of the Fox!

  8. Love you dude.

    But as you are able to have the best beard I've evr seen you probabably don't have it covered with grout and tile adhecive?

    I'll post some pics so you can understand why its very possibly impossible to get anything more than a bank Holiday to get the engine mounted to the car.

    Anything more is a bonus.

    I'm 95% that if it isnt through an MOT (very

  9. The guy is gay.

    What could be said?

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