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  1. I'm still settling my claim after some pulled out on me. Luckily I was able to save the car? Hope everything's ok and the car gets saved. If the insurance are involved, they'll write it off, but just buy it back, that's what I did
  2. Cheers, always wanted to now if they fit snug! And 4-way is a must, cheap upgrade and better handling!
  3. Very nice! I was looking at the Mii leather steering wheel, not too sure if it'd look right.
  4. Sack the GTI wheel off and get a Cupra one!
  5. Love this car, looks like it's just left the factory!
  6. Get a Momo and then just delete the airbag system completely haha
  7. Mad how a 10 year old car such as that can be in that much of a state!
  8. Mine has airbags! Disconnect the battery overnight, may clear it. If not, vagcom it!
  9. Right, after smashing the sump, replacing the clutch and dossing round in a 6N for a bit, the 'rosa is now fully working again and awaiting a good clean. Here's the only pic I have of the clutch replacement: And here's a couple from a photo shoot back in August that I forgot about: Few things in the pipeline but nothing major as I'm gonna be pretty poor over the next couple of months.
  10. I'll get some more picks soon, only just put her back on the road Saturday
  11. The 4D carbon effect is good, thinking of getting my pillars and mirror arms done!
  12. The comfort is shocking. Looks good though Have a look into getting a few bits hydrodipped, shark fin aerial, just little touches that add to the OEM+ theme it has going
  13. I'd keep the wheels! If you sell them, you'd definitely struggle to find another set! I'd get some coils on it it or air
  14. Not big on the wheels myself either... Saw this car for sale, very reasonably priced and seems very looked after, have fun with it!
  15. Another Bola green! Wooo! Here's mine
  16. Also these are the fault codes: 17912 Intake air system : Leak detected - p1504 - intermittent. 17961 Barometic/Manifold pressure signals : Implausible Correlation - P1553 - intermittent. Really clueless, any help appreciated
  17. My Arosa is behaving really strange. It idles ok, but when the throttle is pressed to 100%, the revs bounce and the car is undriveable. Shown here:
  18. Heated seats aren't worth the hassle of wiring in, had them in my old Lupo! MK1 A3s, Golf and Bora seats fit, few leather sets in Scrappers near me going cheap too
  19. Like the plans, MK4 seats are best as they are loads easier to fit! But TT seats do look smart
  20. Quite like the look of them alloys
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