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  1. Hello! I wanted to do rebore (?), but that is not possible. It is an aluminium block, the crankshaft must not be disassembled. So the tool for rebore does not pass entirely. So I'm looking for a 1.6 GTi engine. Anthony.
  2. Oil pomp strainer is dirty for engine less than 100,000kms. So came the time to disassemble the pistons and the connecting rods... SURPRISE!! The 4 are like that.
  3. This car was stopped for 5 years. It was poorly maintained. Bad Oil (semi synthetic). There are oil (pieces) glued everywhere. Now is the time to remove the cylinder head : It's "clean". The head gasket is not damaged. The piston heads are as dirty as the intake manifold : But surprise...... Seen like that, it was still fine. I disassemble the oil pan.
  4. Hello! First of all, excuse me for my English.. Here is my 2001 Arosa Sport, 97,000kms (60,000miles). I bought it in February 2016, and I only made 600miles with. White smoke, oil consumption, noisy gearbox, EGR problems, cut to acceleration, EPC light. I decided to redo the car entirely. As time went by I discoverd a lot of horrors.. To begin with, I discovered that she had a shock on the right side, door alignment problem, a lot of welding, and a deformation of the horn. I started by disassembling the gearbox but I would come back later. Then I disassembled the engine. The timing belt was offset from a tooth. ( It was mounted in a Seat concession...........) Intake manifold and injectors : It's very dirty and greasy Dirty like a TDI. The same applies to the camshaft housing.
  5. I bought it a few months ago! Yesterday I went to get my rims! There is a lot of work... Bye! Anthony.
  6. Hi! I bought rims, I'll get on saturday! These are MOMO Pulsar, 14" ET33, they are bad but I'll repaint. Photoshop : Bye! Anthony.
  7. Pretty! Winter mode for my Arosa! After winter, I'll change clutch, and ... big maintenance. -Brembo front brakes (discs & pads) -rear brakes (dead after 99K miles ...) -2 rear wheel bearing -exhaust manifold joint (and repair cracks) -intake manifold -rocker cover joint -oil pan joint -fuel filter + engine oil, gearbox drain, coolant, break fluid, cleaning throttle body. And I hope buy coilovers (JOM I think), rims (G60 15"), paint rear view mirror in Bola Green! (sorry for my english ) Anthony.
  8. Hello! I planned some mods. -Coilovers -Widened stock rims (and paint in black matte) -Roof bar (for my Drift Trike cycle) -Retro green paint Anthony.
  9. Hello! With black logo: Anthony.
  10. (sorry for my English, I'm French) Hello! I bought tail lights Lupo for my Arosa Mk2 (2002). This morning, I tried to mount them, but I have a problem. The turn signals do not work and the left brake light is always on. My question there he has to do to adapt modifciations lights Lupo on Arosa? Thank you very much. Anthony.
  11. To continue, here are some more pictures. Arosa with friend's A4 B7 (with 19" Carlsson) : With her little sister! Good night! Anthony
  12. (excuse me for my broken English, I'm French) Hello everyone! Here is my Arosa Mk2, "ball green", 2002. I bought it in June 2013 for 1700€. It is the 1.4 MPi engine (60bhp). It has 157,000kms (97,000miles) It has some flaws on the body. It's a really fun car to drive! It's not very powerful but it's my first car and insurance is already expensive! Here's pictures when I bought it : The day after Christmas 2013, I had an accident. The road was frozen, there was a curve, but the car went straight... I hit a curb at 80km/h (50mph) and I ended up in a bush. 1000€ for repairs... (just mechenical, not body) In February, I changed the spark plugs and front brakes. With worn spark plugs, I consummed 9 liters / 100kms. :blink: With the new plugs, I consume 5,5/6 liters / 100kms! See you later for more photos! Anthony.
  13. Hi, my name is Anthony. I live in France, near Paris. I have a green Seat Arosa, with the 1.4 MPI engine. It's my first car. Very funny and cool to drive. 157.000kms (97.000miles). Here are some pictures : (sorry for my broken English) Anthony
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