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  1. At least it's getting fixed, loved this car
  2. That's what I'm thinking
  3. Mine sticks really well round corners
  4. Yup. Just need adapters for them!
  5. Finally ordered some rear bags after weeks of being a tight Aiming ti get it installed for weekend and make it to fitted
  6. Warm shed/garage and a heater and you should be fine
  7. I replaced my head unit and kept the OE speakers and they sound great! Think the reason the OE speakers are decent than some £50 speakers is because they handle the mids so much better, aftermarket speaker manufacturers seem to assume you have a sub already and the bass response isn't as much. Although the odd thing is, in the sport the speakers have lasted ages and sound great, but in the 1L with the same HU, they blew pretty quick. Whether it's an age thing or the sport has uprated speakers, I don't know.
  8. When I decided to have a proper look it was the clutch cable. 30 mins and £17 later she's back! Was chuffed as it's saved me a wedge
  9. Need to get mine refurbed for winter, my other set has stone chips and tar marks
  10. Many more things now bought: -Cambridge light -GTI Belts -GTI Wiper arms -MK5 Golf GTI Leather -V2 And wheels are literally just back from refurb. Touch wood the majority should be on this weekend PS: If anyone is after a set of BBS RWs, give me a shout, I've got two sets now.
  11. Holy thread revival, last active 3 years ago! And the wheels look like ATS Cups
  12. I literally just got redirected to this when I clicked the URL from Google:
  13. Fairly sure it was for sale last week too
  14. Seems like someones decided to have my 16v badge off the front, probably on some riced out punto somewhere now
  15. Me too. So strange, but it hasn't done it in a while now.
  16. Possibly, do you still have the tyres? Aha
  17. I've had this with ClubLupo and other Forums
  18. Hoping my airline will come in time for weekend, then I can update!
  19. Buy one and get it done yourself for that price. Or buy a Decent GTI, then cams, exhaust, induction then spend the change on silly things like air, leathers and bodywork!
  20. May have accidentally bought air
  21. So this car became possessed this year. Between Feburary and now the following happened: -Power steering pump fell off, again -Garage dented my door -Someone kicked my wing -Someone broke in and took the radio -Garage had car 2 months and didn't fix it So yeah, she's been an issue. After all that hard work I felt like giving up and buying a Corsa, but instead, big things are coming ? Here's a little teaser of the new rims:
  22. I wouldn't bother, too much hassle, plus they go faster without them
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