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  1. +1 My car is running on Steels, TA Technix and so far the car and coilys have only cost me £700 I am after some newer steels though, which should bring my total to around £850. Still cheap for a daily, only had her on the road 4 weeks and I've done over 1500 miles
  2. The guy said they're 5x100 and 4x100, so I've just asked for some more info now, if the new holes have been drilled alongside the old I'm guessing I should completely avoid them?
  3. Hi, my name's Nathan and I'm currently driving a 1.0 Lupo which I got for the grand sum of £480! At the moment she's a bit of a mess, she has faded paint on the bonnet, some scratches down the side and dirty steel wheels as well as bad lacquer peel on the roof...
  4. Thinking of getting some A3 Pepperpots for my Lupo. Found a set for £150, two decent tyres and re-drilled to 4x100. Does the price sound about right? Also does anyone have any pics or suggestions as to what they would look like on a red Lupo? Thanks
  5. Is it easy to do or even advisable? Just want the paint to look bright red again, it's not exactly all dull, but it could be better.
  6. I've got T-Cut already from my Mum's car, but if there is a better alternative that isn't as aggressive and will do the same job I'm all up for trying it! So one of the better products is Auto Glym? And if I do this once and keep waxing it on a monthly basis, it shouldn't come back? Would it be advisable to go over the car with it to remove all the scratches and marks and make it shiny red again?
  7. There's a nasty square pinkish patch on my bonnet where it looks like the paint has burnt from when I had L plates on and it is really making the car look a bit crap. Is there any ways to remove it or make it less noticeable? I was thinking of giving a good clean, dry with microfibree cloth, T Cut and then wax? Any help is really appreciated
  8. Co-op young drivers allow you to go out after 11.
  9. Picture of my car when I went off roading! Or when it was having the gear selector rod fixed...
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