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  1. my fox had 17's and my golf 18's does that make me a chav?
  2. yep offset is et35 5x100 and i've heard of someone putting 20's on a fox so i guess 19's would work, mine had 17's on and was lowered 35mm with no problems at all hope this helps
  3. UPDATE. Only Have to wait a week before the insurance will let me drive it
  4. ye to slam a fox it needs droppin about 150mm lmao, i droped mine 35mm and it made it look like a normal car
  5. i think the com unit is a recall as when i took it in today it said recall on the sheet, but i'm not 100% on that, it has about 14000miles now, the cabin noise is ok, the wheels are off now as the car is practically sold, the only other thing is the rear motor for the boot's central locking sounds aweful like it's about to go really groans when i lock it,.
  6. i got mine in may 06 one of the very first in the north west. and it's just been booked in to have the com unit replaced as the numbers on the dash (clock and millage) have part of the numbers missing (happened on my sister too and the guy in the parts depo. said he's done 2 others also), i got up this morning to the wipers not working but i was assured it was just a fuse that was gone, the rear washer stoped working as it did on my sisters and that's just a clip that comes off the door seal went last year when we had that really nice weather so it leaked water in at the top. plus the rear blub housing for the 3rd break light falls off randomly but was told that's just how it fits on lol but apart from that mine is running well, only 7 weeks til i can drive my golf gti lol.
  7. set of spring clamps and a decent socket set too
  8. the seats were £2500 extra as an option alot of the r32's don't even have them in so i think i did well, got most of the options because i got a really good deal on the car. need to ring round to get a few quotes for the insurance looking at getting a tracker fitted does anyone know if this will bring my insurance down at all??
  9. about £2000 i think, but at the mo the fox is 1200 so it's not to bad, but then again the fox will be down to 600 with the 2 years ncb. ... and chris pal how was the holiday? and i forgot you was goin silly me lol sure i'll take you for a spin asap, but for now we can sit on the drive and make engine noises if u want lmao
  10. BIGT1987

    HELP -

    i'm currently looking to sell my alloys from my fox to raise a little cash, the fitment is 5x100 et40 and i can't find a site that will tell me which cars are the same so i can advertise to a bigger croud kind of thing. there to fit the VW fox or 5 stud polo but that's all i know of. would putting them on ebay be a good idea as i havn't used it for selling before? thanks for any advise (and sorry if it's in the wrong section also) T
  11. ye i've sold the springs hopefully to a member already, the wheels will be coming off soon and for sale.. they are a little bit scuffed but would be great for someone as spares/winter wheels, or for someone with a low budget £350 collection only from manchester area, the subs and amp are being taken out this saturday again for sale, collection only.... about 3months old 2x JBL: GT4-12inch Subs in a double box £80 1x JBL-GTO-755.6 (to the best of my knowledge) 6 channel Amp £90
  12. ye my dad has done that for me to be on the safe side, it's going in on saturday having a tracker, anit-hijack and a clifford fitted hopefully, thanks for all the nice comments dudes
  13. the fox is going but i'm not sad because... i've taken delivery of my 57 plate Golf GTI 3 door in tornado red last week from my local VW dealer and i am really impressed it has the heated leather recaro seat, 18inch monza II's, bi-xeons, mp3 CDplayer, bluetooth phone kit there is only one draw back as i'm only 20 my insurance company won't insure me for 3 months so it's just sat at home while i drive around in my VW fox [] as it's not up for renewal til the start of may.
  14. would it not be easyer to get the red lense sprayed the same colour as the car as then it is still funtional, i think they just mix the paint with lacquer so the light still shows through just an idea BIG T
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