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  1. im sorry im new to this, whats FTW? Thanks for your help tho! im a beginer and i duno where to start lol!!
  2. Thank You! Ermmm i sorta have an idea what i wanna do, i defo wanna get big wheels! Would 19" look silly? Also i wanna tint the windows and lower it but i duno by how much? do u have any suggestions?
  3. I've just bought a new fox and it get in september, thing is, i dont like the wheels that come with it and i know someone who is selling 19" gorgeous alloys for £150 so i was wondering if any of you know if they'd fit and would they look silly? I've seen the pics of BIGT's and i love it so im planning on doing mine up similar but with a few added pink bits! Im a girl so i dont really know what to do to it and i dont want it to look like a boys car! I've got pink valve caps for it and im planning on getting a few more bits but not fluffy seat covers or nothing lol! So any help on the wheels would be great!
  4. Hi everyone, im new to the board and i've just bought a fox that im picking up on september 1st! I've got a 1.4 Urban Fox in metalic black with the mulitcolour strip trim!
  5. Hi Everyone, I've just bought a new Fox that i'll be picking up on Septemeber 1st so i decided to join the club! Just posting to say hi so .... Hi!
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