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  1. Its a different type to that. I managed to get one sorted after a day of checking part numbers and a few phone calls, I found that an Alfa Romeo 166 ballast is the same part. £30 on ebay.
  2. One of my xenons failed so I replaced with new bulbs but its still not working so I'm assuming the ballast is dead. Does anyone know where I can get hold of one? I've also read that ballasts from other cars may fit? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be a great help! Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, can anyone tell the part number for a front slampanel for a 2002 gti? I Mean the one that goes behind the radiator and hold the lights in place etc. Help is much appreciated!
  4. nayr

    Silver on blue wheels in Leicester

    Is still is tidy! New wing is on the way!
  5. As above, in any colour really. Need to be in good condition. Ta.
  6. nayr

    breaking a lupo gti

    Do you have a drivers side wing?
  7. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    BUMP. Need this gone. £5000
  8. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    BUMP Ill have a think Jenson
  9. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    I will listen to offers of around £4500 without the wheels, steering wheel and headunit. The paint, rebuild and interior add up to more than that without even thinking about anything else. Grab a bargain!
  10. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    UP. £5900 ONO
  11. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    Bump. Can't believe there's no interest /:
  12. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    BUMP. Now on ph with more pictures. http://classifieds.pistonheads.com/sales/3400338.htm
  13. nayr

    2002 Lupo GTI - PRICE DROP

    Leicester. New tyres fitted today. New towing eye cover going on tomorrow.

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