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  1. Ah cool. Yeah that Passat is awesome. Sounds amazing. His borther Stuart is keeping them going so far i think.
  2. I did, Great guy. Came to our local meet alot How did you know him?
  3. I am yes. I was parked a couple of cars down from Dan on the stand
  4. Yep, Did one rather wet session with the arse end all over the place. Then did 2 dry in the afternoon but should have changed to the inters as the road tyres were cack. Car went well, Just need to get that LSD fitted
  5. I think we all were, Damn it was wet. I had the van to hide/sleep in thankfully!
  6. Ha, I thought i walked passed Emz in the cafe It was a good day apart from the morning weather
  7. After midnight it will go to 50MB Down and 10MB Up. Need to get onto virgin as it should be 50MB 24/7.
  8. M4T-VW Im level 40 prestige. I do find it quite easy too Al. Have you turned off aim assist? Then it gets hard!
  9. Should have gone to specsavers...
  10. [quote name=one litre wonder ' timestamp='1298841652' post='898537] now theres an advert for contraception....
  11. Yep, It was Gordys. The only welding ive done to it is a rollcage, So i think you are on about the previous owner. Its a track car now, But up to show standard I put a 2.8 24V in my dad's cab, Went like stink. If i was going to do it again though i would just stick with the 12v as you say
  12. Put an R32 in, Its much better What Exhaust are you running on that Liam? I need a new one for my MK2. Its just a straight through with a back box, Far too loud!
  13. I saw it on Friday The VW **** one is great! Shame my Dad didnt see it as he filled the T5 with £80 worth of Petrol last week. FAIL!
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