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  1. Ironflitz

    Help please? Misfire problem

    Do a compression test and you'll be able to diagnose if it's an internal problem or not. Search Google on how to do one, there's a detailed one on vauxhall owners club. Ironflitz.
  2. Ironflitz

    help please!

    If you have access to a ramp use it: Check the exhaust isn't blowing from the cat Check the air intake isn't blocked Replace the air filters Use high octane fuel, I recommend Vshell power
  3. Ironflitz

    No door handles

    Google SPAL or Autoloc.
  4. Ironflitz

    mk2 arosa suspension

    i have 40mm lowering springs for arosa...
  5. Ironflitz

    Remapping past 100k?

    Automarning Ltd do a warranty with their remap; this is an independant slice of the service they provide. This eliminates any doubts. They propose to replace, fix/repair any problems that occur in association with their modifications. Read the small print.
  6. Ironflitz

    Porsche tombstones

    Appriciate the appriciation.
  7. just give it some ****ing elbow!!
  8. Ironflitz

    Remapping past 100k?

    They will do it, just without any warranty etc. Just go in there and pay the ****s to remap it.
  9. Ironflitz

    Porsche tombstones

    He's right, use your seat rollers and frames from your Lupo and they should shmoodle right in there! Nath.
  10. Ironflitz

    Heater Blower Problems

    No probs Gav.
  11. Ironflitz

    Lowering the UP!

    Just go all out and cut your springs (if you're out of pocket) Or buy KW coilovers for the UP and DOWN you go..
  12. Ironflitz

    Dash bulbs

  13. Ironflitz

    Door lock

    The actuator for the central locking may have become dislodged, damaged or worn. Check the springs, mechanisms with the door cards off for anything stuck or non-moving, replace them or free them. If this doesn't work, at least it may stop your addiction to prostitutes? Nath.
  14. Ironflitz

    Heater Blower Problems

    Check the fuse for short circuit (blown fuse). Do what Adzer suggested - if the motor spins, fandabbydosey. If the motor doesn't spin, buy a new one. If the motor does spin, but doesn't blow any air at all, check the switches behind the dash for loose connections. I notice you have done the 'resistor fix', check all the resistors within the resistor pack. If none of these work, wear a ski jacket, ski mask, ski gloves, ski socks, 3 pairs of thermal trousers, 8 t-shirts and four beenies. Obviously, if it is hot, drive naked with the windows down and purchase an in-car fan (or 5). Nath.

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