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  1. Search the forum mate, these are the most popular "cheap coilovers" seriously though have a search before you get abuse!
  2. but as you said at the top of your post you cant actually get coilovers on the rear?
  3. I thought thats would be the outcome. It always seems a good idea at the time to buy the cheap ones! Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi, i have Raceland coilovers on my lupo but i have "popped" a shock. i have a feeling all coilovers will have the same shocks? http://www.fk-shop.de/en/Suspension-Tuning/Coilovers-Accessories/Shock-absorber/Replacement-part-damper-fit-for-Coilover-oxid-28.html I have found these on the FK site, can anyone confirm that they will fit? Thanks
  5. hey man, where did you buy this car from ? i think i no the guy who used to own it.
  6. purely because its their car, they paid for it, they drive it and they can do what the hell they want with it!! The question at the top of the post asks if anyone has any pictures, i didn't see anything asking for peoples stupid opinions....
  7. as above, or your could bench test them, probs just aswell to invest in a new set though.
  8. its pretty simple, there are two torxs bolts if i remember at the top, and like you say clips along the top holding the grill on, once you have got that off there are three little clips that hold the badge on. I i think when doing it i snapped a clip aswell, dont worry to much as its bolted in anyway.
  9. No Problem, Glad to help !
  10. There two different sensors, MAF works by measuring the amount of air entering your engine, where as MAP ( manifold absolute pressure) works by measuring the pressure in your manifold and the calculating the amount of air from this. MAP sensors are connected to the manifold,MAF are fitted to your intake somewhere.
  11. Go onto the Cars Breaking section, theres bound to be some one there who has one.
  12. this is one hell of a bargin!! those yokos cost more than that! let alone the buddyclubs ! so wish i had the cash
  13. https://www.rclick.co.uk/ I bought one of these the other day, had it fitted within a couple of hours. The hardest bit is having to get all the plastics out the way so you can put it in, except for that its a piece of cake (I have a lot of experience with car looms though) Its probably easier if you don't have central locking as standard because then all you have to do it connect a 12v and earth feed and your done.
  14. Agree to the feedback section, i have bought off a few guys off here now and would be nice to put a good word out.
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