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  1. Lupo GTI KW V1 coilovers for sale. Perfect working order with brand new front top mounts, no rear dampers but everything else is there. Looking for £250 Swansea, South Wales 07525716304 Thanks Ash
  2. Whilst your policies are cheap and your customer service is good before taking people money, the customer service afterwards is utter ****. I have a mk1 golf insured and have had nothing but problems and arrogance over the phone.
  3. 7.5j et 20 is as far as you want togo up front without it looking stupid/running too much camber/lots of stretch. 8j et10 ish sits nice on the back with some stretch and camber. If you want to get low 15's are better than 16's, and I personally think 15's suit a GTI better than 16's that's just me though.
  4. Car's looking sweet dude, especially the new wheels . Wish I had the opportunity to hear the sounds last week .
  5. I'm 15x7.5j et20 up front on my gti and i'm running too much camber to clear my arches which is ruining everything. Think i'm going down the 185/45 route but nankang's are the only option
  6. Hey dude, Couple of us in and around Swansea, can't wait to see what your driving
  7. Hey, Bit of a weird one but my car is quite a bit lower on the passenger side rear, roughly 15-20mm, my rear adjusters are out as well so there's no way of adjusting it :s. Anyone else have similar problems or know what the hell is going on? Cheers Ash
  8. I'd say 8j et10 out back will give you a nice amount of poke without being ridiculous, i'm 8j et12 and it looks spot on , fronts go with 7.5j. You are going to need a slight stretch as well if you're wondering. 195/45's or 185/45's would be best
  9. Okay cool, so if they're mint without tyres then about 250?
  10. Hey, Just wondering how rare Schmidt Modernlines are in 14"? I'm going to be selling a set very soon and haven't a clue how much they are worth :s. Edit: They're 14x7, et24, 4x100, 1 piece rims Cheers Ashley
  11. Hey dude, You'll want to come down abit on the width's front and rear tbh. I'm sitting on rm's 7.5j fronts et20 and 8j rears et12.( Not 100% on the offsets) They're poking slightly and i'm running 195/45 tyres's it is very close and I have had to do arch work to get them to fit. My front arches are too out of shape for my liking and I need to get them sorted as they just look odd.
  12. haha yeah that's exactly where I saw you, didn't manage to get a good look as i was driving past although it did look lovely
  13. wow, that's unbelievable. Got to be the lowest in the country by far!!!
  14. I saw a yellow one in gorseinon a month or two back, was lowered might have rocking some bbs splits i'm not sure tho :s
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