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    My car... Of course and also bouldering.

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  1. I'm too far away man! I'm in Telford lol!
  2. Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone out there has lupo passenger side door strip that I can buy as mine fell off the other day whilst driving and now car looks ugly, any help on where I can get one from would be great! ?
  3. very nice looking lupo, cant wait to see what you plan on doin to it
  4. Looking good mate, very clean n shiny.... i like
  5. Its gonna be sad to see this car go, i just hope that whoever gets it next will take good care of it
  6. Nice wheels dude!! very nice! what they called?
  7. Evening guys. Car going in for a service tomorrow, oil need changing so thought that id get it all checked over as its the first service since ive had the car. Also been thinking of an original name for the lupo but cant come up with anything, n when i do, i find someone on here thats already on here!! ARG!! Please can you guys help. Thanks Ryan
  8. Hey dude, love your car, you've put so much time into it!! Im looking to get mine re-sprayed, how much did it cost ya to get yours done? Ryan
  9. Nice ride man. What tires did you run on your G60s? Ryan
  10. Hi everyone, sorry its been a while since i've been on, been so busy since back from holiday n had no time to do much to the car but thought id upload a pic of how she stands at the minute...
  11. NICE NICE... Keep em comin, no matter your car, 1.0, 1.4, TDI or GTI, Lets see em, ill have a pic of mine up soon guys
  12. Got myself a silver lupo recently and looking for some inspiration. If you could post pics of your silver lupo's, it might help
  13. If you sellin any bits, like your G60s let me know
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