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  1. I was having the same problem but it was coming from the headliner and dripping on my leg and all sorts it was a nightmare but i cleared the drain holes and now its sweet!
  2. alright people i have got a debadged grill for a lupo still in the box never been used! its got the plastic half moon clip £15 posted!
  3. i have got one of these hasnt been used or nothing you need to weld a metal bit in to your bonnet or it looks **** with the half moon clip fk give you
  4. I would just save the hassle and get a new engine mate so much easier!
  5. yeah mate its sweet now if you have had valve stem oil seals done it should be spot on! if i was you i would be looking at a polo gti engine as sport afk engines are canny hard to find.
  6. Go in your boot and look where your spare wheel is mate it will tell you there! there should be a white label it will tell you the deets on there
  7. its the piston rings mate i was burning oil quite bad, the oil rings are ****ed i would just get a new engine if i was you mate
  8. i have just turned 18 forgot to mention!
  9. im paying 1500 a year on my dads policy for a lupo sport! I think compare the market etc etc is a load of **** tbh! have a look on the co-op thats who im with. Try like Aviva and places like that!
  10. they are just terrible ones atm i will check them tomorrow thank you deadmetal!
  11. nah my arches arnt rolled i will get them done as soon as possible! and i have size 15s on atm i think my tyres are to wide they are 195 50 15r
  12. hi people i have just put coilovers on my car i have got rid of the adjusters on the back and its scraping when theres 2 people in the car one including me what tyres or things can i do to get it just sitting nice! thank you kyle!
  13. i cannot post these they are far to heavy to post sorry
  14. BUMP! 40 pound! i want these gone!
  15. http://www.flickr.com/photos/68641204@N04/ i couldnt upload the one how they are on the car blackberry's are terrible!
  16. i will get them up tomorrow mate just got in from work!
  17. collection mate they weigh too much. i think i might have a picture somewhere! and im based in the northeast newcastle
  18. Alright people! I have got some lowering springs for me lupo sport 40mm all around made by FK been on the car 6 month, i have got coilovers now i want 45 pound Pictures later on today! Thank you
  19. hi people! i have just fitted coilovers on my lupo! there seams to be a knocking noise on the front sometimes when i turn the wheel to full lock and when im driving, my tyrers might be too wide but im not really sure Any infomation would be spot on thank you!
  20. my sport does this but i have cleaned my tb and is the egr valve the black box at the back of the block? i have cleaned all of that and its still the same!
  21. I duno why it done it like but I have sorted the problem I read on here that you just turn your key to the electrics on and it should drop keep doing this untill its down to 0
  22. I pop to the shops this morning and everything was alright when i got back in my car the rev counter was showing 2.5k revs with out the key in?! can anyone tell me what the crack is! haha? thank you kyle!
  23. I finely got a gearbox out of a 2002 polo 6N2 to go in the Sport, the drivers mounting was spot on, and on top of the gearbox there is a mounting and it is not meeting up too the top mounting to bolt down it looks like gearbox is too short has anyone changed a gearbox and came up with the same troubles?! Thank you for any information!
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