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    Series 1 golf 1.5 auto, its all about the pimping
  1. I had a thread a while ago but didnt get any real answers? and i cant find it? So here we go again. What box's will drop straight into a 1.4 sport lupo. Not worried about ratios etc Golf? polo? arosa? skoda? Any help???
  2. one less jippo to nick stuff
  3. Pic please! Pic 1 above is a 6 and i cant see any stretch?
  4. Wont be any stretch on a 6j,
  5. Really, i thought the only car the lupo/polo gti box would fit is a polo/lupo gti???
  6. oh also sweet lupo, reminds me of my old gti I miss that car
  7. Cheers Buddy Found this pic, running the audi rims that i have just brought with 165/50/15
  8. You got any pics side on of the 6j's?
  9. has anyone got any pics of a 165 50 tyre fitted to a 6 or 7 j rim?
  10. Anyone know what boxes fit? Box code/type Mk3 golf/ polo? Etc Cheers
  11. Not sure why that would matter but my bro is the 4th owner and its done around the 100k mark Oh and its a 99 lupo sport
  12. Asking for my little scrote brother!! In 5th gear it makes a funky noise? its sort of like its meshed with another gear, and its really noisy! Any peeps know what it could be? also is it worth rebuilding or just bin it any buy a s/h one??? If you have a 5 speed box from a sport let me know
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