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  1. so, what do i do lads, dirty pd130 swap and slam it as low as possible?? i'm joking of course, provided i do end up getting this example i'd love to keep it as OEM as possible, aside from any potential quality of life parts which are better than OEM. it's really a gem, don't think i've ever seen one as nice as this - plus, this car is nearly around the same age as i am so i feel an odd sort of connection to it. but yeah, things like this are what i'd consider doing to her. i'd love to preserve the car as i've never ever seen one this nice out and about.
  2. hi! i've been lurking in these forums for the past couple of weeks just reading my way around. i'm potentially going to be taking hold of a lupo (hence my joining.) - 1 owner, FSH, garage kept 10k miler lupo 1.0 E from late 2003 as my first car. it currently still belongs to my grandmother but after the first covid lockdown her confidence in driving has been diminishing, and since i could do with a car it's looking very likely that i will take possession of the car sooner rather than later. it's truly a "museum quality" example, really a very clean lupo. i've embedded some images of the car here so you can look for yourself! it doesn't even have wear on the indicator stalk, which is truly extraordinary for an 18 year old vehicle. many thanks for reading, dylan
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