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  1. I need my headgasket fixed anyway so the head will be off for a while. Ive done a little bit of it on my old honda engine but its still sat in my shed so i have no idea weather it was any good...I Expect i'll do it to my lupo one.
  2. Has anyone actually done this to a lupo sport? noticed much gains or loss? Pros and cons and tips? Christopher.
  3. Ahh right, i think its okay now
  4. When i used my washer bottle stalk a week or two back i was holding it for like 15 seconds and smoke pored out from the steering wheel!
  5. Just had my first anal experiance! maybe starting out with something smaller than a wine bottle would have been a good idea, sore as **** now!

  6. Yeah i found it now it's AUB.
  7. I need a sport engine. how do i tell what my engine code is on my lupo now?
  8. Gee! When is that 4x4 seat going to get lowered! Thats low lol
  9. Have you still got the engine? How much?
  10. What clutch will i need? a 100bhp one or 75bhp one? (i have a lupo sport 100bhp)
  11. Does anyone have a thread to the bloke what swapped his fourth and fifth gears or any thread close to it? or does anyone know for sure the gears fit the 75bhp box?
  12. ChristopherReeve


    Lol you scotty are funny!
  13. Yeah I'm presuming that the 75bhp box are longer ratios? I have a 100bhp lupo and it goes up the gears way too fast so I need longer ratios so I'm looking into a 75bhp box.
  14. Missing My Georgeous Girlfriend Holly Dub Hudson Right Now :/ Good Luck Today Anyway :D xxx

  15. Will a 1.4 75bhp gearbox fit a sport easy? Is it all the same mounts ect. What clutch will it need a 100 bhp one or a 75bhp clutch?
  16. Hi people! I'm in desperate need of a Volkswagen lupo sport engine 16vaulve. I think the engine codes are AUB but I could be wrong. I need the engine and gearbox preferabley together. All needs to be in working order! I'm located about 20 mins from Bath in Somerset and I'm willing to travel wherever needs be. Much appreciated Christopher.
  17. Literary Does Anyone Know Where A Polo GTi Car Is Either Breaking And/Or Down A Scrap Yard?!

  18. some little 8 year old kiddy just came in with his possee thinking he's card buying redbull. when the all went buying more sweets I shook his can up. pow didn't even get through the door before he was soaked :) I love my job :)

  19. Do I part exchange my lupo for a civic ek and £600 my way...

  20. Ill give a pound to the first person who can tell he how to activate a microsim card for a ipad on vodaphone! £££ EASY MONEY PEOPLE lol

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