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  1. Hi mate. Thanks for your reply. Well, I guess drivers door was unlocked without electrics to give it the jump start, to unhook bonnet etc. After that I think I just opened passenger door from inside (obviously central locking worked once engine running) to let wife in and we drove off. Then when I parked it up again I central locked and held the key in position to try and stop the alarm. Didn't work. Wish I could send photo of the siren under the bonnet, but am abroad at the moment. You are probably right but (little though I know about cars!) I doubt it's an aftermarket system. As a pedestrian SDI with a low mileage the car looks like its being used to tootle to the local shops in, and there's no sign of any other mods to it at all. At the very least - and without further alarm info - do you know of anything I could to simply disable the thing? Would simply pulling out the connecting wire from the alarm (this worked with an old Mk3 Golf) do the trick, or could I end up immobilising my old gal and creating further probs? Cheers. Ben
  2. Surely someone can help with this problem? Not that unusual to remove the battery, or disconnect it. Alarm in bay looks similar to one I used to have on a Mark 3 Golf. Can I just disconnect the alarm module, or will this cause further problems? Just want to reset the thing really, and don't imagine it can be that complicated.
  3. Wonder if you guys can help. Have a Lupo SDI 2001, and hadn't driven the old gal for a few months until Xmas, had been sitting on drive unused, so battery obviously flat. Jump started it from Dad's Polo (all good), drove for 20 minutes then the alarm went off and wouldn't stop. Bit embarrassing, glad it was in middle of nowhere in Surrey... Anyway, I am now abroad for a few more months and car is laid up at friend's in UK for winter. Will obviously have to jump it again in the spring - just wondered how I can deal with this alarm issue, as it will probably happen again, I'm guessing? Is there a reset procedure? Not sure what kind of alarm it is, but 99% sure it's factory fit as car hasn't been modified at all. FYI alarm cut out when we disconnected battery. I'm not really technically minded, so Noddy instructions much appreciated. Be great if anyone could help! Cheers...Ben
  4. Thanks a lot guys, especially for the step by step instruction on how to change the stalk. Appears it may not be that bad. Am from Redhill but currently stuck in wilds of Snowdonia. Going to take it to VW/Audi specialist in Caernarfon today and see what they say in any case. Always seem to get unlucky with second hand cars. Oh well!
  5. Pulled in with left indicator on yesterday and a wisp of smoke came from dash of the 1.7, plus an electrical burning smell. Left car for couple of hours, then turned on again (am in middle of Snowdonia right now during Bank Holiday, handy!). Engine runs fine but problem immediately restarted when turned indicators on briefly. Had no choice then but to drive it back to hotel we are staying in (25 miles up mountain roads) with wife and I using arms out of windows to indicate. Seems fine to drive without using indicators, no problems, but obviously need to get it to a garage ASAP. Anyone have any ideas please on what the problem might be. Relay? Fuse? Likely to be a big job?
  6. Got to replace a rear o/s bump stop (split) and figured I may as well get the springs done at the same time (recent service noted corrosion on 'em). Do you guys think these would do a job on the SDI, or is that a bit cheap 'n' cheerful? Not interested in lowering it or anything (what the heck's the point with an SDI!) so just want a standard option... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/KILEN-Coil-Springs-VW-LUPO-1-0-1-4-1-7-98-REAR-2-NEW-/110637116726?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item19c27c6d36#ht_2940wt_905
  7. Thanks mate -- cost £645 for catalytic converter (£227,) fitting it and full service. Knocking problem is fully resolved. Guess that's a little on the steep side, but happy to pay that if the work is done properly. There's a recommendation on 'oil leak from selector shaft' on the invoice though: is this a big issue for Lupos? Guess they would have said something if it was a major problem.
  8. Thanks Hazy, I'll phone them and make sure they check it out, as you say can't run the risk of it going. Guess a good mechanic can tell how recently it was changed based on wear? Sure hope there are no nasty surprises on the knocking front, but guess I'll find out soon enough!
  9. Morning all. Been reading this forum for a few months now, some great stuff on here! Especially useful since I know nothing about cars (so please excuse my ignorance here). I bought a 1.7sdi (54,000) in Jazz Blue just before Christmas, for around £2600 from a private garage, so probably overpaid quite a bit. Car is in great condition for age, standard factory specification not modified at all. Much better car than the tub o' lard Mk 3 Gti that I had a few years back . Plus no hassle with boy racers at the lights! Use it on a work run from Redhill to Crawley every week and never misses a beat, great fuel consumption and drive, turns heads, although especially with a full tank of gas it's short on acceleration and feels like a slug crawling across a lettuce leaf. Wanted a TDI but nevermind, good Lupo diesels are so rare... Anyway, the old girl was doing well, but recently started sounding like a Massey Ferguson and developed a slight knocking from the gearbox/handbrake area. Just out of its 3 month warranty, alas; don't know how long problem was brewing for and if I was done by the garage. Ah well! Anyway, she is currently sitting with Tutts of Dorking awaiting a new catalytic converter - current one has big hole in. (There are some good reviews of these guys online BTW; has anyone else had dealings with them?) The mechanic there initially thought it was a dual mass flywheel problem (said he sees at least one VW with this a day, gulp) but then decided the SDI engine only uses a single mass flywheel, so the knocking must be the exhaust banging the bottom of the car. Any views on this? Seems to happen on startup, shutdown, in (5th mainly)gear under acceleration. Obviously, it's better news if the transmission doesn't need an overhaul, and while the car is in there I asked the guy to give it a full service to be on the safe side, which leads me to my next question. Will he check the timing belt as a matter of course? Bit worried about this as I have no idea if/when it was done (car is on 56,000 miles) and don't know if I should ask for this to be looked at, or whether it's taken for granted that this is checked and I'll look a total idiot if I ask? One colleague at work with a 2009 Yaris (yuck) warned me off buying a 10 yr old car, and although I'm a bit gutted the wife and I are obviously going to have to dig deep to sort the Lupo out, I guess such problems could just as easily happen to a 5 year old car that wasn't looked after... Cheers...
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