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  1. as said in the earlier posts it was your parking lights, If you turn on your left indicator then turn off engine your left parking lights will be left on, and the same with the right if you have the indicator set to the right side. This is the same for most if not all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars.
  2. jim8

    Charge UP

    Yeah I worked out i'd have to cover over 300,000 miles in a electric car to cover the extra cost of owning a small petrol car, Can't see that happening can you? lol. I can't see the batterys having a very long life also, maybe 3 years? how many £'s so replace them i bet it's well into the thousands.
  3. jim8


    Thanks again for that, I thought it might have been a longer job than that oh well lets just hope the clutch has a bit more life in it yet
  4. jim8


    By the way can somebody give me an idea of the cost to replace the thrust bearing and clutch? I thinking my holidays have just gone down the drain this year
  5. jim8


    Thanks for that, is the thrust bearing the same thing as the release bearing? Yeah i thought mine was the tappets at first. but then i noticed it stopped with the clutch in. Sounds like the best idea, but don't think the clutch has much life left in it anyway Thanks all for helping out
  6. jim8


    Hi all, Hope someone may know whats up with my car (Arosa 1.0s). When the engine is idleing theres a slight rattle but when the clutch pedal is pressed down the rattle stops. it sometimes makes the rattle when the car is moving too. Car has done 59,000 miles so i'm thinking clutch is on it's way out, but not slipping yet. Cheers Jim
  7. jim8


    SPOT ON never just pay a renewal price is you can always get it cheaper if you take the time to shop around only takes 15 mins or so but can save you alot of money
  8. Whats he driving to only get 10mpg, I've had a few sports cars lancer evo 4 , MX5 1.8s and a couple more but all did more than that even when driving quickly, so he must be driving a hell of a car or his has something wrong with it somewhere.
  9. jim8

    Charge UP

    Your right there, TBH i'd think about buying one myself if the price was more reasonable as i only really need a car to get to work 25 miles away and the odd shopping trip, But can't see me being able to afford one for a long time yet.
  10. I take it this is your first car? Most of the time MPG is all about how you drive a car, Trashing it or driving without reading the road properly will always give you bad MPG. I'm not saying you do drive badly but i know when i first passed my test i had lead feet.
  11. jim8

    Charge UP

    I was just looking at the new UP in my local VW garage, The salesmen told me VW were bring an electric version of the UP out in the near future, I wonder what the price tag on this is going to be £20,000 - £25,000? Whats everyone think of electric cars? I'm not sold on the idea just yet, I mean can you just imagine waking up in the morning for work and discovering you forgot to plug the car in to charge up
  12. Thats a real bummer that did it years ago 100 miles from home, Spent the trip home getting pissed wet through and kicking myself for not smashing the passenger window
  13. I'm slowly coming round to the look of the rear end, I think it's just one of them looks that just seem to get better given time. Like when the Ford Ka first came out it looked really weird, but now it looks boring.
  14. I think their cool little cars for the money, and compared to others in it's class it's got to be the best out there. I think they will sell very well and i might even buy one myself in a year or so
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