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  1. I'm selling a Lostprophets Standing ( General Admission ) ticket for Leeds 02 Academy 21/04/12, I can no longer go so I'm just looking for what the ticket cost me. When i get the ticket i'll send it out 1st class recorded delivery the same day £30 Cheers, Dan
  2. Were that you that time in KFC drive through where i was behind you in it lmao, the guy working there looked so confused when you pulled away and i pulled up hahaa yeah i know parking is rediculously expensive, i will do =) I'm at Met doing Contemporary Art Practices. wbu?
  3. i rarely drive about leeds, only really drive it when i'm driving home for the weekend and going to kfc Im guessing you live around meanwood way, you always drive past me when im walking to uni. yep, the more the better.. =)
  4. Hey, i think your on about me ... mines a V reg though.. with black roof and vw performance sticker on left side of front window ? I see you about constantly !, i think i were behind you last week aswell =)
  5. Girl driving down meanwood road around 12.40 today Looks proper nice !
  6. Has anyone with 15' 195/45 tyres taken their adjusters out ?? can you tell me if it rubs with people in the back ?
  7. Hey, just a quick question... i've got JOM coilovers on the rear of the lupo and they are fully down, would taking the adjusters out and having people in the back scrub without having any arch mods ?
  8. I got mine a couple of days ago and fitted them, really bouncy but definately worth it for the lows, im same as the others atm around 15-20mm left at the front and all way at the back with the adjusters in atm, no scrubbing at all atm so all is good IMGP4642 by Dannyshack, on Flickr
  9. Hahahaha, yeah i've just realised that, i think i might of been drinking when i posted that
  10. Update ! Havent posted in a while so thought i'd show the changes to the loop. - Sorted passenger door out - Vinyl Blacked Roof - Tinted Headlights Plans to come - Coilovers (still)- waiting untill i get back from the roadtrip from ireland and then they are going striaght on. -Paint the rear badge black - Looking at getting some Ats Classics - Gunsmoke the indicators in lamin-x - Front splitter and slammed as much as possible Used photoshop to lower it as i wanted a wallpaper, its at standard height normal though, looking to get it this low in the future Loop by Dannyshack, on Flickr Lupo by Dannyshack, on Flickr More pics to follow shortly
  11. I saw Anthracite Gti in brighouse on tuesday, might be the same one ..it was a young lad driving it ?
  12. http://www.digital-photography-school.com/ ^^^ Have a look on there, has tips, guides, and loads of cool stuff you can do with your camera Its helped me out a number of times
  13. Dannyshack


    Hello, im planning on using Lamin-x to put on my lights, Im thinking light smoke on the headlights and dark smoke on all the back 3 lights the side repeaters and indicators. I'm just wondering what size sheets would be the best to get for the lightsmoke and dark smoke. If anyone has any pictures of the backlights in dark smoke aswell could you post them up, cheers.
  14. Dannyshack

    Lupo Coilovers

    Give this a read mate http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=48860
  15. Newest Photo of Larry b+wlarry by Dannyshack, on Flickr
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