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  1. This tells me nothing mate. What Im trying to dig at is.... The 1.8t 20v engine uses a recurculation valve rather than a bov. What have they done to get it this way. Eg: mapped the maf out and recuc pieces or what?
  2. On this 1.8t how have you managed to get away with not having a recirculating valve? and just a normal bov
  3. Never fail to make me laugh! big up dates to come!!! JUST ORDERD! -all bumper bolts -all crossmember and scuttle blots -new abiant temp sensor -red vac hoses TO ORDER -parts for my custom fmic (twin pass) -brass 45deg bend for secondary air pump -new centre caps -led side lights -led numberplate lights Thats all this month next month i might invenst in CUP EDITION body kit pieces OO and revo mapping from Transporterland.com lydny
  4. Dint think there was anything differents in the boot lids ?
  5. I've got Fabia coilovers on it ta's too Koop can't wait to see what you could come up with
  6. BAM long time no update. HERE IZ THE LOWZ UZZZ ALL BEN WAITIN FOR YO. Got a whole boat load of photos to stick up in a bit! heres a video too! https://vimeo.com/59193249 cheers guys
  7. So fitted the TIP a few shots with engine cover back on also while im here got some hids becuase the yellow lights are GAY! Tahnks chris.
  8. 15k and there around then 8-9k mark not saying what I paid but cheap enough
  9. glocuester so not to far from bristol i hear badger 5 is really good ! sheers pal shoud so ill keep everyone updated as things progress get a heft bonus hopefully on the 31st
  10. oi gimps! enough of the hi-jacking yo! got the coilys today guys! everyones seen a cardboard box before so ill get some shots up once there on cant wait to get a miltek exhaust! or even just a decat would sound awsome!
  11. I've bought coilover for her already says in the first post kooppyyy if you wanna hear the valve first mod is cone! fule is crap but hey! i knew that it had a turbo strapped to i so i wasent botherd! I'm 19 now but 18 when i started the policy with a years noclaims and 3points for speeding and set me back 1726:)
  12. with 1.8t's there not very loud anyway its no louder than the standerd one really.
  13. So now on my 3rd car in 2 years of driving got bored of both 1.0 +1.4sport arosas so thought id go with a turbo... took my time to refelect on what i could do what i could achive. bought a 9n3gti in black with only a mear 15k on the clock for a small fortune! after driving for a week non stop i thought it would be a good time to read treads mod guides for 1.8t's ect. so i came up with the idea that forge 008 dump valve and forge turbo intake pipe were the first two on the list! http://s164.beta.pho...0FA512.jpg.html Images on how it all looks soon here is one with the dumpvalve and cone filter on! she sounds amazing! One last artistic one! alos just bought some coilovers wich im getting tomorrow watch this space! got big goles!
  14. Thats what i think about mine! mines built by reble power pipes in barton.
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