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  1. is there a way to make my car quicker even a little bit without having to buy anything as its not that quick and im sure it cud be quick if it wanted to
  2. storm

    colour codes

    yea looked all round car might have to just phone seat n give them ma registration so they can get code 4 me
  3. storm

    colour codes

    hi i need to get some colour coded paint for my car and ive checked under the bonnet 4 the code but cant find it oculd it be anywere else?
  4. storm

    engine cleaning?

    hey thanks for all your help i ended up using an old tooth brush for the engine and back to black on the plastics looks good now
  5. Hi, i have just got a seat arosa however the engine is covered in oil n stuff and i was wondering what the best way was to clean and polish your engine was
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