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  1. jakeyg

    Afk to sub

    Will an aub engine fit straight in to an afk lupo ? If not what's involved ?
  2. Haha the last pic. The red lupo in the background is mine
  3. jakeyg

    Schrick cams

    I want some schrick cams for my 1.4 sport anyone know where I can get some or selling some ?
  4. What coilovers go the lowest ?
  5. jakeyg

    Oil problem

    It was my engine breather blocked so it was building up pressure and pushing oil out the top of the dip stick
  6. jakeyg

    Oil problem

    Yeah I thought I would but I can't. I serviced it around a week ago and it has just dropped below minimum
  7. jakeyg

    LED Headlights

    Says not to be used as headlight in the listing tho
  8. jakeyg

    Oil problem

    But if it was the rocker it would leak from the from aswell ? N it was a good litre of oil. It's not as bad when it's not running tho
  9. jakeyg

    Oil problem

    I done a 150 mile round trip yday and when I stopped and left my car running for around half hour talking to my mate with heaters on. As I pulle off there was a massive patch of oil and it seems to comin from the top of the engine at the back. It's over the back of the cam cover and all down the back of the engine can any point me in the direction of what it could be ? Btw it's a 1.4 sport
  10. jakeyg

    Engine swap

    How hard and what's involved going from 1.4 sport to 1.6 gti 5 or 6 speed
  11. I'll buy your old ones bud
  12. Is there going to be a stand because I'm suppost be going but don't fancy parking my car between Corsas haha
  13. No mate. It's as if something holding it down everytime I start the car it try's to open the doors and the switch which locks and unlocks inside doesn't work either
  14. I went to lock my car from the passenger door an it the lock Jammed and wouldn't relise the key when I worked the key loose it snapped the locked so it spins but the passenger door is locked and won't relise is the anything I can do ???
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