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  1. Pull out onto london road and saw this behind me, nice clean colour!!
  2. maybe going with the oem+ lot and I'd say that'l leave from lincoln somewhere, I can have a word and see what the plans are.
  3. Pete

    another newbie

    Hello Lee, glad to have you onboard mate! Now get some loopics up and er........maybe a few of your split too!!!! Pleeeeeeeeease!!!
  4. Yeah? I used to be in the borocruisers thing for a while but lost interest and I heard that went belly up, then when I got my 'grown up' car I dropped of the scene totally. But now I've got my babyL I'm sorta coming back to it!
  5. Pete

    Hi Everybody

    Hello mate!! Yeah, welcome to another eco saver who needs to cut back on fuel costs, I'm with you there mate............but still, wouldn't be without my loop now!!
  6. Thats quite alot of work gone in for a spray job!! I hope it all stays on display!
  7. Saw this sunday night parked near the bushes! Black wheels, sitting abit high.
  8. Pete

    Lupo Newbie

    hello matey, nice one, keep us all posed, and I'm sure most of the veterans on here will be able to help you out!
  9. Anybody know if the 1.4 16v sport pas pump fits the gti lump??
  10. Pete

    lupo gti

    Yeah thats a good idea actually, altho I am getting confused what threads I'm following and replying to at the minute!! Before I was just on audizine and audi-sport.net, now I'm on OEModified, chocolatedubs, edition38, and clup lupo! Should join confused.com!!
  11. Pete

    lupo gti

    No, I did have the UK's only b6/7 audi a4 but I got rid of it for the loop, was too thirsty and with petrol prices getting stupid again I couldn't afford it anymore. What was your dad driving today?
  12. Pete

    lupo gti

    Linky........... http://www.chocolatedubs.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=430
  13. Pete

    lupo gti

    Its already on the readers rides mate, I may have overtaken your dad in abit of a rush if he was going the same way I was, sorry if I carved him up!! I don't think I was chucking it about too badly tho, was being chased by a mate in his scooby!! Respect to your dad though for having a clue about the rims!
  14. Pete

    lupo gti

    That would be me!! Compomotive th-monos, not turbos but while moving they look similar. What were you in?
  15. Oh, ok. Thanks. Thats killed that one then...................!
  16. I'm looking for a few bits and bobs for my lupo gti and I've heard that the gearbox is the same from out of the polo gti, is that right?? If so, does that mean the cables are the same? I've looked around on ebay etc and there seems to be alot more spares available for the polo than the lupo. But if they're using the same parts it'd make it alot easier for me to get the bits I want! Thanks to anyone who can help out!!
  17. Anybody on here thats more towards the coast than the actual middle of the midlands?!?
  18. Oh no!! I've been rumbled!! Hows Ross? We're gonna have to stop meeting like this! I posted my suggestion mate!! Heehee!!!
  19. Ok, not quite Skeggy but just down the road, and I'd be willing to bet more people have heard of skegness than boston but they are quite near by eachother so that will do!! Been on here for a couple of weeks seeing as I'm tracking down my 1st Lupo GTi to replace my Audi, with things how they are at the mo I need something abit more economical than a car that weighs the best part of 1.5t, 4 wheel drive, turbo'd, petrol, and mapped up!! So hopefully in the next week or so I'll be worthy to be on here! Thanks-Pete
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