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  1. Here are the Pics... ready 4 Wörthersee 2013
  2. I installed on my Lupo GTI since today a new hood. There is a hood made ​​of carbon fiber
  3. Today was my part to get the painter, also have the same parts installed.
  4. Colleagues / inside I would be very grateful like a * me * on the image below to make (my car). You must first click on the image ........ then just * like *! It's about a competition-Car Contest! THANK YOU, greeting https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=492844620752076&set=a.491987997504405.1073741829.170484926321382&type=3&theater
  5. Now, the lid of the tank float and the speedometer hills are sanded and finished can now to the painter.
  6. "THX" Joe Hope you all like that and see what arises...
  7. Now the carbon parts already cut and waiting for the slur. The lid for the tank float and also the speedometer hill I have to try on once installed and set to the right place. In my opinion, it looks really awesome. Looking forward when everything is finished and installed...
  8. Have further made ​​on the lid of the tank float, who was allowed to get a second layer. Now not much is missing and I can do with a clear coat on. In addition, I participated in the hills of my speedometer GTI equal, because this will shine in the future with carbon. The speedometer Hill scored the first layer and waits for another, what he'll get tomorrow.
  9. Here is my latest acquisition, still customize a few parts, and finished installing ... 'm looking forward to the time when it works
  10. Again a little further work on the cover ... Now even the fine tuning before being laminated finished with carbon.
  11. Just got back working on my Lupo. The work or installation opening for the tank float is removed, and to be a part of real carbon. Today's early work had begun, first laminating work is completed. The lid should be revalued at the end of something and a VW logo wear.
  12. Now the Wiring harness complete, the dashboard is re-assembled. The cover can also be installed and everything works as it should. In the future, the power window on the center console can be operated.
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