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  1. No not if you deliver the power smoothly
  2. Sorry I typed it wrong it is 242BHP running a K03S turbo, Lightened and balanced flywheel, 5 speed box, Hydraulic clutch and fly-by wire GTI rear beam upgrade and rear disks and brakes. 2x new handbrake cables 4x new tyres on steel 14's Wing mount inter-cooler KW coilovers 2.5" down pipe to a 2" system all the way through. New cambelt, Aux belt and water pump Custom Shafts and Wiring loom Immobilizer defeat Fresh oil, Brake fluid and power steering fluid. Full valet including wet vac The build was done in 6 weeks start to finish. Have a massive build planned for the next lupo that I will be taking to edition 38. Unfortunately this one will have to go up for sale to found half the build So open to offer around £3750
  3. Hi there are a few options i need to know if your lupo has the electronic accelerator or cable and will the new engine be electronic or cable? I have shafts in stock £300 Engine mounts (driver side has to be welded in) Driver side £20 gearbox £30 rear mount £30 Wiring loom will be plug and play I will need the lupo engine loom and the donor engine loom £300 The ECU will need to de-immobilized £80 Thanks, ONS Performance
  4. Complete shafts, a set will set you back £300. Full strip down, clean up, shortened, new boot's freshly greased and sprayed. And look like this!
  5. Lupo shaft sleeves 1st generation shown in the pictures. I know make a second generation sleeve that fit's inside the hollow shafts and slides over the solid shafts. The sleeve is a precision fit and if you do not clean the inside of your shafts or the out side you will get it stuck you MUST CLEAN before fitting. On the hollow shaft there is a weight inside that stop's the tube from resonating that is why in the picture you can see one side of the sleeve is machined down and is 60mm in length. That is because the two ends of the shaft have the same outside diameter as the center but the iner diamiter is thicker at both ends. You need to cut the hollow shaft on the gearbox side of the weld this will leave 60mm for the sleeve to slide inside and 70mm to go into the center of the shaft missing the weight by 5mm and leaving a 10mm gap between both sections of the shaft allowing room for welding. The Kit is £100 posted and will be with you in 3 working days.
  6. the standard one mate also it has a temp sensor on it witch measures the air temp and adjusts fuelling to suit.
  7. I can make looms for any engine conversion in any car. All I need is both engine looms.
  8. No the battery can stay in the standard place and looks amazing if you leave the engine cover on as well (factory look) For the intercooler use the wing mount and all you will need is 2 x 45 deg silicone hoses I stock them as well and the coupler to go in-between. How ever i have some 1 piece silicon hoses being made and can come in any colour.
  9. Some times when you undo the nuts they pull the studs out a little check that there is thread on the head side the should go all the way in up to the shoulder. Or you could get a stud extractor set from halfords the are very good. pull them out and put shorter one's in failling that they only other option is washers then the nut's. ONS Performance
  10. Hi I have complete conversion kit's. Shafts, plug and play loom's for any spec and engine mount kit's please pm me or contact me on 07734360032 if i do not answer please leave a voice mail. Thanks, ONS Performance
  11. Looking good Like the boost gauge pod. Have you got much more planned? Little update on mine iv got the lupo ecu pin lay out diagram done it through Elsa win (long process over about 14 pages) Got to do the cupra R one now
  12. Im using a cupra r engine and loom, cutting and joining the looms together. (need to finish this) o2j box 5 speed cupra r gear linkage (drill 2 new holes in the center tunnel) polo gti hubs and brake set up (when changing to disk you need lupo gti hand brake cables) golf mk4 mount weld in on drivers side. (you will need a disel engine mount other wise it will hit the chassis leg and the gearbox will not fit) custom back mount and gearbox mount exhaust (i will be making in house as i have a ben person exhaust tube bender, once the engine is running) drivers side drive shaft (mk4 golf long shaft hammer the out cv joint off and fit the lupo one) WILL NEED TO BE SHORTENED passenger side (mk4 again switch ends then you have to cut and shorten the shaft) NOTE DO NOT CUT IN THE CENTER do it near an end as there will be less force and wight when spinning basic engineering. Think iv covered most stuff
  13. Have you ordered your loom yet? i will get you the part number for the mount tomorrow
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