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  1. Hi Guys/Gals Please excuse if this has been asked before, but couldn't find any answers online. My VW Urban Fox is approaching 33,000 miles (2007 plate) and had a minor service on 23,000 about 12 months ago. When is the cambelt/water pump due to be replaced? I'm assuming it's a big service that's due, so wondered if it was time? Thanks in advance for any advice! Tom
  2. Tom, I'm in a similar position at the moment. My 2004 GTI with full leather was going to be up for sale soon, but I've decided ot hang on a few months and see if a family member can have it off me. Means I can still drive it at weekends hehe. Like others said, it's not worth struggling financially for a car, even if the GTI is quality. Tom
  3. As long as you like what you're driving.... who cares imo. The lupo's are cool as **** lol Horses for courses
  4. Looks sweet ^^ Thanks for the tips guys... will research the B12's
  5. What suspension have you guys gone for on your GTI's? Advice, experiences gratefully received. Ideally would like to stay away from coilovers, don't want it dramatically low and not too harsh. Cheers Tom
  6. Planning to find out prices next week mate. What you reckon for service/cambelt change inc labour? Tom
  7. Cool, managed to find some specialists my way so thats great. Cheers Rich
  8. Yeah, maybe not Rich cheers! I'd rather get the cambelt changed and service done by a specialist for the stamp. Tom
  9. Hi Does anyone know of a good VW specialist in Bristol or South West area? Got a service coming up and don't really want to pay the dealer prices but would like a reliable caring place to carry it out. Any info much appreciated Cheers Tom
  10. TomS

    G12 AMY?

    ha ha, would be interested to see what they are like on coilies.... I may ask you to take me for a quick spin mate! not literally hopefully. Give us a shout when you're about then fella Tom
  11. TomS

    G12 AMY?

    Yeah that'd be good. Some pics of them both would be cool.Yeah the spec I was rather lucky with! Although I'm sure seeing yours would pretty much make me get coilovers! *must resist*Tom
  12. TomS

    G12 AMY?

    Yes, I'm from Chipping Sodbury way... so not far from Glouester area. I hardly see any others about, I know of a raven blue and a silver one but thats it! Your's looks very smart indeed. Tom (lol @ Rob)
  13. TomS

    G12 AMY?

    Yeah thats what I thought It was then followed by a lovely M5 R32 and just after a Black RS4..... LOL
  14. TomS

    G12 AMY?

    Saw a nice Reflex Silver GTI bombing down the M5 heading towards Bristol at around junction 11 this afternoon....
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